Gaming Age: Pinball Heroes PSP Review

Gaming Age writes: "To be honest, I have a couple of pinball tables so it's usually rather difficult for me to get into videogame pinball... I think it comes down to tilt; I'm fairly aggressive when it comes to playing pb, and being able to take advantage of tilt, with enough finesse not to set it off, is a large part of what makes it fun for me. It's kind of like gambling with your quarter, adding an entirely different physical/tactial layer to the game. Unfortunately, even with motion controls (nevermind a "tilt button"), you still lose a lot of that physicality when you move to the digital domain. So what does that mean for Pinball Heroes? Well, all it means is that, while I appreciate what it offers (pocket pinball, YAY!) there's a place reserved in my heart for the real deal. Granted, I also realize not everyone even wants a pinball table... It's like the difference between playing football, and playing Madden;"

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