Gaming Nexus: AI War Interview

Gaming Nexus writes: "We like indie titles here at Gaming Nexus, especially good indie titles. Which is why we followed up our review of AI Wars with an interview request. Here's what we got back:

Q: Could you introduce yourself and talk a little bit about your role on the project?

A: Sure. My name is Chris Park, and I'm the lead designer and sole programmer for AI War: Fleet Command. I've been doing hobbyist level design, game design, mods, campaigns, and so forth since I was a kid, but I've been a business software developer for the last eight years. Since 2003 I've been getting more and more into actually programming my own games, as opposed to developing hobbyist content for other people's titles. I founded Arcen Games in hopes of eventually making a living off of my work in games, rather than business software. As of December, that dream is finally becoming a reality, so it's a very exciting time."

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