Game Revolution: Dragon Ball: Raging Blast Review

Game Revolution writes: "Well, here we are again, another substandard fighting game based on an animé about flexing muscles and grunting.

For the uninitiated, the story for DBZ involves a bunch of pricks hunting for a bunch of balls sorry, ballz, so that that another bunch of prickz don't get their handz on the ballz (but in a totally not gay way), so that one or more wishez can be made to bring one or more dead prickz back to life, or to grant them eternal life, or to make underpantz or whatever, repeat ad nauseam until the ratingz tank. Why those moronz don't just wish for this endless stupid cycle to stop happening after their third or fourth wish is a question that goes unasked in favor of more grunting and flexing."

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Bishop3633d ago

is placed as if Dragonball stole the energy wave? I would say it was the other way around since dragonball is from 1984 where the first street fighter is from 1987 but from what I can see fans (if their are any left) would still like this game, especially with the number of fighters from the Dragonball universe.