First day sales in Japan

The latest first day sales from Japan are out, which includes data for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3, 360 sales) and Tales of Graces.

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Valay3632d ago

Decent starting number for Tales of Graces. Not surprised by Modern Warfare 2's numbers. They'll probably taper off next week like most western releases.

kingdavid3632d ago

I have to say the numbers have been encouraging lately for western games.

Ps_alm3k3632d ago

even if its a Call of duty, or an uncharted.....
I don't know what to say...........................

kerrak3632d ago

Before anybody says "japanese simply dont buy western products" let me just remind that ipod is the most sold mp3 player on the japanese market. Now, to answer you:
1-i suppose by "us" you mean western (assassin's creed, killzone2 and many other heavy hitters are not "us").
2-Japanese tastes are different. Surprised?
3-Japan has a very developed gaming industry, covering all the bases of their own market demands.
4-Western developers dont really try to adapt to these tastes, as it could be costly in terms of western market.

So, don't blame the product and don't blame the japanese gamers. Be grateful that there are different demographics, allowing production of very different games with high quality in diverse genres.

BX813632d ago

@ Kerrak

1- they don't buy us games at a rate that is note worthy.
2 - us is U.S. ( I thought the same at 1st look)
3- Japs do taste different
4- I am surprised
5- I don't think any one blamed anything on the japs.

PLAYstar3632d ago

There has to be a certain reason why they don't buy those shooters. Perhaps it was because of the storyline, the originality that they hate so much. Even I would be frustrated by the same old mechanic of MW2, but heck I still play it.

Ps_alm3k3632d ago

were talking triple AAA games...
I mean, if any human plays a game that is good, people should automaticly take notice of it.
It seem like, sure they like it, but they would not recommend it to their friends.
Like me, I'm from the west, but I sure love ALL games including japanese.
If i know a game is good, then the game is GOOD! I will tell all my friends.
well unless they were poor or something then i would understand.

rjgbyrne3632d ago

Give up MS, why bother with such a small market in Japan, its stupid sales even for PS. I never realised how small a market the japanese is compared to Euro or US. I am sure Australia is a better market for Western Developers full stop!

BX813632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Japs are too busy with their giga pets and Pokemon collections. I'm actually surprised the 360 version of MW2 sold as much as it did out there.

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