Final Fantasy XIII Official Soundtrack Website Live

If there is one RPG series that has one of the best soundtracks used in the game, that would be the Final Fantasy series. With almost a few days left before the release of the biggest game of the century, Square-Enix launched the Official Website of Final Fantasy XIII Soundtrack where they can listen to its awesome collection of music.

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chidori6663633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

um.. disc 1,2,3,4

mult discs confirmed for 360..

Karsghul3633d ago

But yeah, 3+ DVDs has been confirmed for the 360 since E3 i believe.

UltimateIdiot9113633d ago

Sadly, it won't be as epic in the US.

kalebgray923633d ago

why the heck do we get leona lewis .... no one wants her singing during a video game

maxcer3633d ago

whats the deal with the PS3 NA version? are we going to have a choice of sub-titles and the original soundtrack? they have all the space they need with bluray and it's not like they don't know JRPG fans prefer options like these...

Vivi3633d ago

"Sadly, it won't be as epic in the US."

Haha wow this is one of the most funniesT comments I have ever seen.

There replacing 1 YES 1 vocal song with another vocal song. From a 60 song OST.

A song you will hear for 3-4 minutes in a game you could be playing for around 100 hours.

UltimateIdiot9113632d ago

I did not say it is bad by 100 times, I just said it won't be as good as Japan.

With that said, it only takes 1 bad apple to ruin the entire batch and the worse part is, it's the main theme. If you start off sloppy, you leave a bad impression. Would you ever walk into the interview starting with a bad impression?

So far, if rumors are true, US and European gamers don't have a choice but to listen to her crap. If we had a choice, it wouldn't so bad.

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kewlkat0073633d ago

....been listening lot to Motoi Sakuraba. I can't listen to a sound track before I play the game.

it's like having desert before a main course meal.

Redempteur3633d ago

i agree it's easier to like a song if it correspond to a srong moment you've spent in the game you've played.

BUt sometimes listening to a soundtrack when i don't know the game yet is enough to make me wanting to play it .

No FanS Land3633d ago

well having played the demo, I can recognise some of those songs :D

GrandDragon3633d ago

I love it

The first Disk is so delightful

joemayo763633d ago

that is one beautiful ost box set.

i never import anything but i might just have to get a hold of this

supersonicsaga3633d ago

Instead of importing the game, I'm importing the soundtrack from play-asia since I had a coupon.

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