'Paperboy' Coming to iPhone

Touch Arcade:

Elite Systems has announced that they will be bringing the classic arcade game Paperboy to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Paperboy was an arcade game originally released in 1984 by Atari. Your job was to deliver newspapers to your customers while riding your bike.

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TiberusX873631d ago

The game wasn't that good when it came out, it wasn't any better on the XBLA and im sure it will be exactly the same on the iPhone. Pass.

artistadam3631d ago

my god!! bring that to the PSN!! i'll gladly plop $6 down on that hidden gem of the 80's... it ate up quite a few hours when i was a little guy... it's a game that all should experience at least once... it had strategy, objectives, humor and puzzles... maybe some of those words co-exist but, it was a blast to play when i was younger...

meatnormous3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

I hated this game cause when I played it, I was the local paper boy. I never seen things like tires, dogs, lawn mowers or people chase me. I also drove my bike over many drains and never wrecked. I did break a window once though and throwing the paper at the bottom of a metal screen door is VERY LOUD at 4am. Also Donnie you're out of your element.

electricshadow3631d ago

YES! I played this game so much in the arcade. I'll gladly buy this.

coolfool3631d ago

I remember playing this on the spectrum. Those were the days. I loved this game but I remember it being hard enough so than in the later levels you had *know* what was coming up otherwise you would never see it and be able to avoid it fast enough.