ZoKnowsGaming: Dante's Inferno Demo: Best PS3 Demo To Date

ZoKnowsGaming writes "The Dante Inferno's demo is quite simply the best demo I have ever played and as most of you know I play a lot of games here at ZKG. This game has my special attention not just because of the "interesting" marketing techniques, but because I have actually read the poem that the game is based on. When I heard EA was turning this into a game I was skeptical, I knew that the core material was there but I had questions as to how anyone could bring it to life in a video game form that anyone would want to play. But then again this wasn't just EA, this wasn't the guys that make Madden. This was Visceral Studios, the guys behind Dead Space and that my friends makes all the difference."

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SeanScythe3624d ago

You must not have played the GOW III Demo yet? It's ok you shall see young one you shall see.

raztad3623d ago

Strongly disagree. DI demo was good, I did enjoy it but it didnt blow me away. The GoW "inspired" gameplay is way too much, a bit more of originality would be very appreciated.

sunil3623d ago

its like playing GOW with different skins... not necessarily a bad thing :)

inbetweener3623d ago

I stopped playing the DI demo about half way through and deleted it, just didn't capture my interest. The GOWIII demo on the other hand, I have played over 10 times.

Blackmoses3623d ago

I didn't have the privilege to play the God of War III demo as my voucher in my copy of God of War Collections case didn't work!!! DAMN you SONY!!!!