TVG Feature: Splinter Cell Conviction Q&A

TVG recently interviewed Thomas Geffroyd, Game Manager at Ubisoft Montreal
about the upcoming splinter cell game.

Click no the link to check out the interview.

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Kokoro4737d ago

Conviction is looking good. Can't wait for it.

closedxxx4737d ago

"next-gen isn't just about the visuals, and that's why we're addressing the gameplay because we felt it was time to create some new gameplay, and use the technology not just for eye-candy but for deeper meaning."

I wish more folks would adopt that attitude...

KoolMan4737d ago

about a ps3 version of this game, is it cancelled, never was on ps3 or is it coming out later? im asking because i cant find anything at all on the ps3

ericnellie4736d ago

Conviction is a 360 exclusive! In this day and age, it's hard to tell who's getting what exclusive (if any); so that's why I've purchased a PS3, 360, and a Wii! I think everyone should do the same - LONG LIVE VIDEO GAMES....ahahaah!

The Snake4736d ago

In this video, near the end, the developer states that it's "out this Christmas, exclusive on the PC and Xbox 360." Hope that clears it up.