New GOW 3 Footage Leaves N'Gai Croal And HipHopGamer Speechless

This console war is more than just heating up it's already on fire and Kratos has the torch. The only question now is how will Microsoft respond and trust me they will and depending on what Halo Reach: will be, they may very well be ready for the challenge.

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Bereaver3623d ago

Well, I hope it's as good as what you all are saying it is.

Let God of War 3 denounce rumors that have been floating around about the best action hack and slash.

Rikitatsu3623d ago

doesn't make the best hack and slash though.

Its the gameplay, and we all tried the gameplay of GoW3 in the demo, lackluster to say the least.

Its a good adventure game that should be lumped with Prince of Persia, and not be compared by deep action games like Ninja Gaide, Devil May Cry, and the new queen, Bayonetta.

raztad3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Stop the hate dude. No one is comparing GoW with those games because GoW is on another level. A game is not just a bunch of combos, its a whole package and GoW got everything you like it or not.


I'm really excited about GoW3. Already on Jeff Rubenstein was giving some tibids about how awesome the game is looking (much better than the demo). I cant wait to have my hands on it.


Come on dude. GoW has a deep enough combat system to be quite an enjoyable hack and slash game. To say GoW pertains to adventure genre is a pretty hateful comment.

Rikitatsu3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

I'm not hating. I like GoW, I just find the combat lack luster to be called a hack and slash.
But I'm saying its more of an adventure game than a hack and slash, since its not concentrating on combat as its main gameplay element.
It switches between puzzles, platforming, etc...
Pretty much like Prince of Persia.


There is just one reason for you to find God of War 3 lackluster...

PS3 EXCLUSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep waiting for someting on the 360 that comes close to this.


PirateThom3623d ago

I assure you, God of War is a hack 'n' slash, but unlike those games it has variety.

i_like_ff73623d ago

Lol hey man! Its me -Gouki- from GT.

Saaking3623d ago

GOWIII will leave anyone speechless. From the story, to the gameplay, to the setting and graphics. GOW DEFINES the word EPIC.

ABizzel13623d ago

@ Rikitatsu

Please just STFU. You have a disease call [email protected]$$ness. Close your mouth before it spreads.

kaveti66163623d ago

The scale of Uncharted 2 blew me away. I think I'm gonna be speechless too after seeing what HHG saw.

And Rikitatsu, really... stop. If Bayonetta is as good as you say it is, then it probably doesn't need your defending on this site. Just let it go.

beans3623d ago

I don't think there's any doubt this game will have visuals that blow people away. 2010 will be the year all 3 consoles really shine with tons of great games. The one thing GOW has always had over any game like it is one heck of a story. Anyways looking forward to January.

Saaking3623d ago

There's only one downside to having all consoles: Your wallet is gonna be raped next year. From what I can sum up, there's around 20+ games I wanna definitely buy next year. 20 x 60= 1200 bucks!?!? Damn, I'm gonna have to pass on some of them :( I wish I was rich.

wxer3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )


Wolf8733623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

GOW games maybe "lackluster" in combat, that's according to you, but they certainly outshine their competitions in terms of presentation style, delivery of story, puzzles, and music. DMC games and Ninja Gaiden games have always felt restricted to me (but that doesn't make 'em bad), meaning they were a bit too character focused while hardly giving any attention to the environment. GOW had much more wider presentation of its art. GOW games (and now Dante's Inferno) provide a much more seamless gameplay rather than a room-to-room gameplay: the former which in my opinion is much better.

Noctis Aftermath3623d ago

Just look at Rikitatsu's submissions, all Bayonetta, Mad world or Platinum games articles....

Lifendz3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

but seeing HHG and N'Gai standing side by side smiling brought a smile to my face. Now to watch the vid.

ReservoirDog3163623d ago

I'm actually starting to consider getting GoW3. Even though I really suck at hack n slash games. But they way it sounds just makes me want to try it. And that's something no hack n slash game did to me in a long time.

And I'm completely surprised. No one's whined about HHG yet. Good.

Darkstorn3623d ago

While I prefer Ninja Gaiden to GoW, there's no doubting that GoW III will be epic, and I cannot wait to see the footage!

SnuggleBandit3623d ago

there's gotta be some leaked footage of this!!!!!

Nac3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

I don't know about the story "leaving me speechless", but it does look fun.

pain777pas3623d ago

Riktaku?! Ritasku!? It doesn't matter what your name is. PS3 may be back to take over the gaming industry and let this generation last much longer than previous generations which is a good thing. Now I'm am getting pretty hype for this game because no one could have convinced me that a sequel to a great game could be really better than the original and in the GOW series that has been the case. Immersive graphics alone will put this game over.

ssipmraw3622d ago

you know whats nice?
knowing the ps3 has an exclusive AAA hack'n'slash action game with the addition of many third party games in the same genre

Lou-Cipher3622d ago

If you aren't very good at hack n slash games, you still need to buy GoWIII.

Hire someone to play it in front of you in your home.
Even if you have to put an add in the paper for a hack n slash gamer for hire.

Just make sure you experience this game in whatever way you can, and don't hesitate to experience GoW 1&2 either. (it is only $40 for both)

PrimordialSoupBase3622d ago

If it manages to change my mind after the atrocious piece of crap that the God of War Collection was, then all the power to it.

MisterNiwa3622d ago

You know, Rikitatsu only has a PS3, he doesnt own a Xbox 360.

Seriously, what is wrong with you people? Bayonetta has a deep combat system with many combinations for each weapon, its like a fighting game + hack and slash.

In God Of War you have like 50 different combos at all, in Bayonetta you have 200.

This time, im really embarassed being a PS3 Fanboy, because you guys are desillusional.
Just accept it, Bayonetta is an AAA game, its not a bought AAA, it deserves being an AAA Game.

And why do you keep comparing Bayonetta with God Of War?

Dante's Inferno is God Of War based on the Divina Commedia.
You can compare Ninja Gaiden to Bayonetta, you can compare DMC with Bayonetta, but not God Of War.

God Of War can be compared with Genji, Darksiders, NIER, Dante's Inferno, Onimusha, but not Bayonetta.

Bayonetta is fast paced, God Of War is rather slow.
Accept this, please?

Stop being desillusional. Geez, annoying.

whothedog3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

haha Even though you guys didn't say much or give details, your reactions were loud and clear.

I can't wait to rip some B!tches in half!

Microsoft Xbox 3603622d ago

The Bayonetta demo defines lackluster. I bet the only reason why you fan"boys" like that game is because she becomes semi nude with the special attacks. Other than that the game feels just like Ninja Gaiden.

calis3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )


The only thing you have to be embarrassed about is your English skills.

beardpapa3622d ago

The delusional fanboy is the fanboy that thinks & pretends like he/she has the other console and even enjoy its games.

nycredude3622d ago


IMO I think Ninja Gaiden rapes both DMC and Bayonetta in the gameplay category and GOW rapes all of them in overall gaming experience. DMC and especially Bayonetta belongs in the cheesy, campy hack and slash genre with bad story and ridiculous gameplay. I Don't see how you can call GOW 3 bland when I tried both demos and Bayonetta is the epitome of bland, and graphics suck too.

Bits-N-Kibbles3622d ago

Hype kills games. I'm looking forward toward GOWIII just like a I did with KZ2 (since I played and loved all of the prequels on PS2- INCLUDING KZ1 for all the haters out there).

Hype destroys a game. If it doesn't cure cancer it doesn't live up to the hype.

SilentNegotiator3622d ago

Why does that Platinum Games employee, Rikitatsu, still have any bubbles left?

Rumor Monger3622d ago

i only hope that this guy (HHG), dont oevrhyping it, he did this with NINJAblade and Ninjagaiden 2, and the Funny thing is, he said this games would be better than GOW3...yeah i saw how better they were...

BTW the GOW3-demo was MIND BLOWING...the only negative thing about the Demo/GAME is, that it ended.

TheTwelve3622d ago

Hahahaha Rikitatsu..., Bayonetta goes with Dante's Inferno as opening bands for the main event, GOW3. I've played the demo of all three games and only wanted to finish GOW3's because the excitement and pure gratification of that game in terms of combat, difficulty, background, etc...unmatched.


DevastationEve3622d ago

Saaking is right...Gears of War 3 DEFINES Epic ;)

Maddens Raiders3622d ago

"'m not hating. I like GoW, I just find the combat lack luster to be called a hack and slash.
But I'm saying its more of an adventure game than a hack and slash, since its not concentrating on combat as its main gameplay element."

lol dude, just go turn on bayonetta (since it's always in the deck), take off all your clothes and have a blast. that's what you really want to do anyway man, you don't have to try and convince us to do the same -- we know how much you love her. You wouldn't be the first person to marry a vg character, and sadly, not the last.

IronChefWong3622d ago

Quite unprofessional, but I guess it really did leave them speechless.

EvilBlackCat3622d ago

Now everybody loves Hip Hop Gamer

oh my god what a bunch of hypocrites!

mikeslemonade3622d ago

We must remember GOW2 looked like a 1st generation PS3 game if it was in HD and it looked better than any XBOX 1 game despite the PS2 being several times weaker.

I don't buy single player only games so I hope GOW3 will have some online component like capture the flag.

shawnsl653622d ago

Kratos makes bayonette bend over and rapes her. Sorry rik whatever your name is.. but this is the outcome of playing with your wii too much. You've developed wiiotoma which blinds your judgement beyond any fanboys on this site.

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Mucudadada3623d ago

Awesome! I can't wait till the embargo lifts!

MajestieBeast3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Ahh riki you butthurt again that bayonetta is not getting the crown from kratos? If its true what n gai and hiphop are saying i think i will blow my load in januari.

Shadow Man3623d ago

We got sales :D
*goes back to BMX XXX* ;D

wxer3623d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

hey dumb bot

i dont think so

truth hurts

+ i didnt post the whole thing
i only posted the LINK


toaster3623d ago

Oh wait, he's saying good things about a PS3 exclusive.

Game looks crazy though.

3623d ago
Sigh3623d ago

that's cause he's telling the truth this time with proof lol... Usually its the bizarre rumours n stuff that gets him the hate, but for me personally, I can understand why he does it and I can tolerate with it.

Deacon3623d ago

Now tell me how do you report somebody as spam someone for posting a link to an article that's on the same website? Clueless!

Now, in other news: You have been reported as being off topic. Doesn't feel too good huh? Let me make it all better by taking away one of your bubbles. That way, when you cry, no one will see you because you'll be in "SINGLE BUBBLE" world with as*hats like TheTruth and Alan Wake.

toaster3622d ago

Yeah I don't mind him at all. I think most of the stuff he's saying is interesting at least. He's doing better than most internet bloggers and writers because he's actually going out and meeting these people from the industry.

TengkuAmir103622d ago

Hey dude, i took away one of your bubbles for being a [email protected]@$$. And to top it off, i made a a negative feeedback and reported you as off-topic. Good night to YOU sir.

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i_like_ff73623d ago

It was the titan gameplay. I almost gureentee it. That scene behind them looks like Gaia's back.