1UP: PixelJunk Shooter Review

PixelJunk Shooter's flat colors and spacious playfield may remind you of its predecessor, PixelJunk Eden, or maybe its more defined cartoon look will have you thinking of PixelJunk Monsters. Well, it's certainly neither of those. Of course, it's not too fair to compare the PixelJunk games with one another when they're each so different, but that's what developer Q-Games gets when it puts them in a numbered collection (Shooter being "1-4"). Regardless, Shooter continues to represent the series' concept of simple, enjoyable games in high-res 2D, while also demonstrating a clear strengthening of Q's grip on just-plain-fun game design. And that makes it, different or not, the best of the bunch so far.

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OGharryjoysticks3633d ago

I have a hard time believing it's better than Monsters.

Ryo-Hazuki3633d ago

Once again, Q-Games continues to not disappoint. PJ Shooter is a good game...sames goes for Eden and Monsters.

chaosatom3632d ago

Too much of life spent on those two :)