N4G June Contest Reminder

Here are the different categories you can compete in this month. There should be something for everybody. Over $2800 in prizes.

Contributor of the Month
Get the highest Contributor score in June and you will take home $500 in cash. The Contributor score is mostly determined by your number of approved news posts and the quality of the posts. The better the news post is the higher the bonus scores will be for each post. Second best will get $200, and third place will get $100.

PS: To improve your chances of winning please read the N4G News posting tips.

Hottest News Post
Simply post the hottest news post in June and you will take home $500 in cash. ($100 bonus to the member who posted the tips if any) 

Best Newcomer
Any member who becomes a contributor in June can compete in the Best Newcomer category. Simply be the best new contributor in June and take home $250. (highest contributor score) . Click here to become a contributor

Most active Forum Members
The five most active forum members in June will each get $100

Active Forum Members
All members who make more than 10 posts in our forms in June will enter a draw for $250. So if you haven’t posted in the forums yet, this is a good time to get started. (spamming will disqualify you for the contest)

Best Comments
Get the most positive feedback votes from other members and take home $250. (Not the highest number of bubbles but most votes)

Forza 2 : N4G Member Rides
Design the coolest N4G themed ride in Forza 2, and you will win $100. All images should be uploaded to this forum thread.

If you are not a member of N4G and want to participate in any of these contests, please click here to sign up.

Click here to visit the forums

It is possible to win in more than one category. The contest is not restricted to any countries. N4G staff members can not participate, with exception of forum moderators.

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snoop_dizzle4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

good luck to everyone.

Maybe ill try this thing another month. I am busy as hell.

But when the time comes,
The Day is mine! Ha Ha

consolecrusader4744d ago

I posted the news on June 11th secret from sony that got like 1160 degrees i think, how can u tell thus far who has most?

Odion4744d ago

i beleive on the front page it says which new stories are the hottest for the month, I think your story is up there.

drtysouf214744d ago

contributing but second for the top story...............Must get back to work submitting!

snoop_dizzle4744d ago

it looks like you got it.

wolfgang4744d ago

Keep up the good work :)

drtysouf214726d ago

now i have top story but 2nd for the month at contributing. All because i can only submit 9 stories vs. Diselage's 19 stories! Oh well.

TnS4744d ago

Just give positive feedback on this! :))

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The story is too old to be commented.