Yakuza 4 screens show off darts, pool, more

SCRAWL: "Too bad everyone's not as nice as Sega, giving out forty to fifty new screenshots of one of the most anticipated games for 2010 - that being Yakuza 4.

As good as Yakuza 3 looks for the West, everything Yakuza 4 (which Japan is getting at the same time as we get the third installment) presents does it better. Looks like we'll be getting this in 2011, if Yakuza 3 sells well."

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Saaking3624d ago

How about we get Yakuza 3 first and then start getting hyped up about 4? Just a few more months.

Ninji3624d ago

There are people who are going to be importing Yakuza 4 as it comes out the same month as Yakuza 3.

-Alpha3624d ago

Focusing too much on the nice little details while forgetting about the bigger picture.

Don't get me wrong, GTA IV is great, but I still prefer the trilogy from last gen.

The little details were jaw-dropping, but I got bored with it quick.

Yakuza has always been a successful kick-ass series and it's good to see it finally getting localized

SilverSlug3624d ago

Stuff already in Yakuza 3.

George Sears3624d ago

Graphically, the game looks pretty much the same as the 3rd one.