Team Fortress - Demoman vs Soldier Update

TF2 Blog: "So: how is the War update different from our other class updates?

In many ways, it's not. Like any other class update, the War update will reveal three new weapons each for the Demoman and Soldier throughout the week, as well as some maps, achievements, and surprises, right up until the day of release, when everything we've been teasing goes live..."

In short, show your support for each class by logging on to TF2 and kill each other. Which ever class, Demoman or Soldier, has the most kills on one another by next week gets an extra unlock.

Hop to it, Soldier/Demoman!

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Pandamobile3632d ago

Valve should teach "How to boost sales and keep player interest years after release" 101.

mauleriscool3632d ago

they are basically doing what most MMO games are doing. Keep adding new content(for FREE) and people will keep playing

toaster3632d ago

I can see TF2 have the same lasting appeal like CS and CS:S which are still very popular for games as old as those are.

My favorite update was Sniper. Hearing a THUNK as someone's face gets pinned to the wall is awesome.

Digitaldude3632d ago

Wow they are still supporting the game and going strong, I still think its one of the best PC games of all time.

sabestar3632d ago

Usually when they do a big update, they release a new "meet the...." can't wait to see the trailers for the rest of the cast.

Cheeseknight283632d ago

*sigh* My most played class gets an update last.

Here's to you, Engineer.

Proxy3632d ago

It's be awesome if they made is so you could upgrade other deployables besides just the turret...


tdrules3632d ago

You can upgrade teleporters and dispensers lawl

Seferoth753631d ago

Yes you can upgrade them now. Was playing a week or two ago and noticed that.

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The story is too old to be commented.