Kotaku: Naughty Bear Impressions

Naughty Bear isn't 100% murderous. He's more like 110% mischievous with a reckless disregard for teddy bear life tacked on. His story starts on an island filled with other teddy bears who don't feel like inviting Naughty Bear to a birthday party because, well, he's naughty. He decides to get even by, what else, murdering all the bears who snubbed him.

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Bereaver3633d ago

I don't know what to think about this one. It's like Conquer's Bad Furday but with a twist?

Anyway, I hope it turns out nice, looks... interesting :D

rdgneoz33633d ago

I'm looking forward to the whole "But for maximum points, you must scare and torture a bear enough in front of others so that he eventually winds up committing suicide" part :P. Looks like an interesting game so far.

(quotes from a gamespot preview)

Sonyslave33633d ago

OMG they copy CONKER BAD FUR DAY rare better due something because when Conker Bad Fur Day 3 comes everybody going saying Rare copy this game.