Microsoft Praises The Nintendo Wii's Price Point

An $199 US price point is the "sweet spot" according to Microsoft's David Hufford, a director of Xbox product management.The company's bigwigs recently confessed to Bloomberg that the Nintendo Wii may have been on to something when they launched its console at $250 US, which spurned sales and expanded its market beyond its regular consumer base.
Hufford says that the Wii offers a strong value proposition to both hardcore can casual gamers.

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achira4737d ago

why is this in the ps3 section ? comon admins, do something against this bs!

omansteveo4736d ago

YEP! M$ manufactures them

weekapaugh4737d ago

site is run by x-kiddies

ERommel4737d ago

I don't see how a "hard-core" gamer would want this as the console of choice. X360 and Ps3 are far better systems for "hard-core" gaming. Crap man get a PS2 and an eye toy if you want to throw your body around your living room. I'm sure wii has it's place but not in my home.

unsunghero284736d ago

Super Mario and Zelda invented the hardcore gamer.

Jesus, I don't think i know any hardcore gamers that wouldn't want Super Smash Bros Brawl or Twilight Princess.

ERommel4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

B4 you give me static about how I should spend my money. $199 may be a good price for a system but that does not mean that everyone should buy one because it's $199. Be honest man if all three systems were the same price I would guess the wii would not be as popular as it is. Either way all told my point was it's not going to get my money. No matter the price. And actually pac-man and space invaders invented the hard core gamer. I spent more quarters on those machines I could of purchased all three systems four times over.

ItsDubC4737d ago

The fact that a high-level MS director believes that the Wii caters to both hardcore AND casual gamers will still probably have no bearing on 360 fans who believe otherwise.

drtysouf214737d ago

the nintendo wii has its moments but for me i prefer PS3 and 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.