110-inch "World's Largest" HDTV Now For Sale


"JVC's monster 110-inch hybrid-tech HDTV is now available for sale. Yep, get your credit card ready and sit the kids down, as they're not getting help paying for college anymore. This $53,000 behemoth is a whopping 8 feet wide and 3 feet deep, featuring a 1080p picture (for that much it'd better be 1080p), and multiple inputs including HDMI, Component, D4, S-Video and a D-sub15 pin socket for your PC."

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snoop_dizzle5010d ago (Edited 5010d ago )

Considering that a year ago i heard estimates for some 108(i believe) televisions for 70 grand, this sound like a good deal.

Though it would probably be better if sony, samsung, sharp or pioneer did one of these.

I wonder whats the power consumption on this thing

gta_cb5010d ago

well good luck saving for this lol, when the "Ultra High Deffinition" comes out this will go down in price alot IMO

timmyp535010d ago

a house update to accommodate that monster.

gta_cb5010d ago

you can say that again lol, but imagen having something like this WOW!

ITR5010d ago

You would need 4 people to help lift that thing!

closedxxx5010d ago

You'd be surprised how much money you can get for a young caucasian child in the right market...

BlademasterD5010d ago

That is funny. A kidney also sells for quite a bit, I hear!!!!

Whoooop5010d ago

Well now that I think about it..

Maybe someone who likes those Ron Jeremy close up shots a bit bigger....

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The story is too old to be commented.