Ar Tonelico III girls strip down (new scans)

New Famitsu scans of Ar Tonelico III. Maybe the less they wear, the more powerful they become?

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chidori6663631d ago


white knight and ar tonelico day 1 buy for me.

Rock Bottom3630d ago

WTF!!! They allow porn here?

WildArmed3629d ago

lol as long the pron is based down on games =/
Man I'll never understand japan.

ZeroYui3630d ago

Day 1 purchase for me as well.Although i still haven't finished the first game or even open the plastic wrap on the 2nd game.

knifefight3629d ago

My same situation here. Love the first, haven't tuched the second. :(

TMR3613d ago

Day 1 buy for me as well...I've managed to complete the first, and I'm mostly done with AT2 as well. Only one more path to complete.