BBC iPlayer evolves: 10 reasons it's the best telly service in the world

TheMirror: With the leaking of the BBC iPlayer iPhone app over the weekend, Auntie's on demand colossus reminded us once again why it's the very best TV service on the planet. And with Xbox 360 support set to follow PS3 and Wii backing, it's only getting better. Here are 10 reasons why it's TV's top dog.

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Lucreto3624d ago

Pity they should try to get this in Ireland. There are not many PS3 here so it shouldn't be a problem. We get BBC so we should get the iPlayer.

Hellsvacancy3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

U dont get it in Ireland at all? Northern Ireland or any other part of it? wot about the Scots and the Welsh? (so many questions)

I thought u had it, im goin Ireland at the end of January 4 3-days

vhero3624d ago

I hate the mirror not only are they a crap newspaper they get stuff wrong.. The iPlayer is not coming to 360..

Godmars2903624d ago

Thought the iPlayer on the 360 deal was dead because MS wants it only available on Gold? That even though Sky is available freely.

Bell Boy3623d ago

I just hope that the BBC one day make it available in other countries, to be able to watch Dr. Who, Little Britain and frankly the best tv show in any country TOP GEAR would be great for this Brit in the US