FTC Study Shows Children Can Access Explicit Content In Virtual Worlds

Reporting results from its congressionally mandated study on children possibly accessing explicit content in virtual worlds, the Federal Trade Commission says it found objectionable material in 70 percent of the online worlds it investigated.

Congress tasked the FTC with examining the matter in May of this year, prompted by concerns over minors easily accessing explicit content in virtual worlds. As part of the study, the commission scrutinized 27 popular virtual worlds and MMOs (e.g. Second Life, YoVille, Neopets, Habbo, Dofus, Runescape) as a cross section of worlds targeting children, teens, and adults.

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Leio3628d ago

Seriously they need a study for this?? :o

Sangria3628d ago

Yes, in order to have a scientific proof of the diabolic influence of video games on children, so haters can say "It has been proved that children can access explicit content through virtual worlds". A great opportunity for Jack Thomson to have something in his dish.