2010 PS3 Role-Playing Extravaganza - Part 2: Cross-Platform Titles, Ports and Re-Makes

DualShockers writes: "How's that for a long post title? I've always looked for a place to use "extravaganza" in the title of a post too, it's such a fun word to say. Anyway, on to the point. In yesterday's article I covered console exclusive RPGs coming to the PS3 in the next 12 months and it seems it was a fairly complete listing. One thing I learned from the feedback is that there are quite a few of you wondering where all the Western RPGs are. Here's your answer: The few that are there are cross-platform titles! At least, all the ones touching the PS3 in the coming year."

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Ninferno3626d ago

love the headline title.

taz80803626d ago

The FF games will take over. I think anything with an FF title on it sells like hot cakes instantly.

Chadness3626d ago

Yeah, most likely. It doesn't help that people like me are considering buying both the PS3 and 360 version. ;) I'll play it first on the PS3 though, for old time's sake!

iiprotocolii3626d ago

Although some might think that the name alone might be the sole reason for the series success, I'd have to say that a lot of the FF games do have deep story lines in comparison to many others. That's what differentiates it from most RPGs. Personally, I loved 6, , 7 was pretty good, 8, 10, and 12. As per Famitsu reviews, 13 is looking incredible.

AzarVC3626d ago

Agree with Chadness...I actually picked up RE5 for the PS3 simply because it didn't feel right with a 360 controller and an RE game.

Tomarcus3625d ago

FF XIII and Resonance of Fate OMG. I cannot wait!