RUMOR: New promo/concept art for another Conduit project?

New concept art for a rumored Conduit sequel have been leaked.

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Goomba123944d ago

Concept art looks really good!

SpoonyRedMage3944d ago

I think it might be photoshopped stuff to be honest. No way they'd have a set release date when it's that far off.

Of course it could be when the game is set? but yes does look like nice art.

I'd also like to be able to suggest some improvements for HVS as the first game was flawed, but I enjoyed it.

Goomba123944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Personally I've been to that forum where these are from and about 5-10 HVS members including Eric Nofsinger post regularly.
I have to also agree. The Conduit was good when thinking about controls, but had level design and Ai problems.

SpoonyRedMage3944d ago

Well that's pretty interesting then.

Yes, level design was my main issue but probably my biggest complaint is about the actual Conduits, they're an important device but at the times when there's several it just gets ridiculious. Endless respawning enemies aren't fun.

Also the storytelling could be better, the conversations are boring but just something as simple as having cutscenes would spice it up a bit, even if it was just Ford killing drudge whilst having the conversations or showing him travelling from one mission to the next(if they're not consecutive).

Goomba123944d ago

Yea, the story I thought was actually almost the best part. I thought they did a good job with the radios describing events as they unfolded, but yea the enemy respawns were laughable. HVS did a good job their first time out of the gates. We will see what the sequel has for us though as this will be where the fruits of HVS labor better be shown.

SpoonyRedMage3944d ago

Yer the storytelling during the actual levels was quite good really but in between missions where it went to the vanilla text box was truly terrible.

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Product3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Wow! I havn't visited the site in sometime and I come in and Megaman 10 announced which I thought was great, now this? Concept art looks really well done. Hopefully HVS have learned that art design is a big deal in games and should push for that in the sequel.

Sorry, I liked The Conduit, but the game was bland looking. Their Wii tech is spot on, they just need to up the design of things.

swiftshot933944d ago

I dont think there will be a sequel. The first flopped in sales, and if that wasnt enough, it wasnt received well by critics.

SpoonyRedMage3944d ago

Well according to Sega it did exactly how they wanted it to so I think they're happy with the sales(it sold 270K of it's 300K shipment) and I think HVS are happy with the sales too, otherwise they would have cancelled Gladiator AD and The Grinder, no?

Critical reaction won't affect chances of a sequel, look at Killzone and Red Steel.

swiftshot933944d ago

The difference is that Killzone and Red Steel sold well, The Conduit didnt.
And what do you think Sega would say? "It didnt reach our expectations, it did terrible in fact."
And no, HVS wouldnt cancel Gladiator or The Grinder, reason being that they've invested too much to just stop development, they dont even have a choice actually.

SpoonyRedMage3944d ago

Umm, Sega would just say it didn't meet expectations and then leave it at that just like many publishers have said about underperforming games... instead they said it met expectations, which means... it met expectations.

Hmm, how have they invested too much? games get cancelled all the time, they could easily just cancel them and go back to making licensed crap. They likely didn't spend that much anyway, The engine was already made and it wasn't particularily high budget.

Anyway I'd take Sega's word over yours. Especially considering that you hate the Wii anyway.

Tyetan3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

The third one is a photoshoped version of the Army's Future Force Warrior concept soldier. The forth picture is Agent Smith from the Matrix cuebald and fitted with a gas mask.

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