Top 10 best Nintendo exclusives of 2009

College News writes, "With the end of 2009 in sight, it's time to take a look back at how one of the big three video game companies fared with the type of games that sell consoles--the exclusives.

Of the three companies (the other two being Microsoft and Sony), Nintendo actually did a lot better with their 2009 exclusives than they have in previous years. First-party Nintendo titles had a huge presence with hits like New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Metroid Prime Trilogy and Punch-Out!, just to name a few, and third-party companies like Square-Enix, 5th Cell and Vanillaware stepped up to deliver some of Nintendo's biggest exclusive titles.

Here are the top ten exclusives that Nintendo managed to snag for their Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS consoles. Each of these games can't be found anywhere else and are definitely worth playing over the holiday season."

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lolcatz3600d ago

I freaking loved Muramasa. Pity it didn't sell very well.

Jikla3600d ago

I love that game. But I hate my roomies for mocking me while I play the game. They call it Hentai :< They do call every JRPG that aswell :/

lolcatz3600d ago

Well there are tentacles in it...

SpoonyRedMage3600d ago

Bleh Kingdom Hearts shouldn't be on there just because it's a popular franchise whose director is for some reason idolised...

and it's not like Square Enix stepped up anything this year, they're one of the major publishers on the DS(only behind Nintendo and Ubisoft).

Anyway FF:CC:Echoes of Time>Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
and Dragon Quest V and Chrono Trigger were this year(in Europe)...

Otherwise, decent list.

lolcatz3600d ago

I agree for the most part. Kingdom Hearts 2 was absolute crap. I genuinely enjoyed 358/2 Days though. It made the very, very smart decision to ditch alot of that Disney crap and focused on the considerably more interesting Organization XIII.

Shnazzyone3600d ago

Nice idea to mix ds titles and wii titles into a singular list. If only reflex could have been considered exclusive, it would at least be number 5.

Myze3600d ago

Well, let's be honest. While there have been a few good Wii games this year, I highly doubt they could make a good top 10 list of just Wii games. Was not a very good year for the Wii in terms of games.

SpoonyRedMage3600d ago

Well I don't know... it hasn't been too bad this year. It depends where you are as well, it's been fantastic in Japan for instance and in Europe it wasn't too bad. Just a list of few games from the last months(in Europe)

Dead Space: Extraction

Dragon Ball:Revenge of King Piccolo
Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics

A Boy and his Blob
Need for Speed: Nitro
Rabbids Go Home
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
New Super Mario Bros Wii
Resident Evil: Darksie Chronicles

Granted, not all of them are good. But then you have earlier stuff like Wii Sports Resort, Madworld, Punch Out, Deadly Creatures. Not too shabby in the exclusive department.

Cheeseknight283600d ago

Scribblenauts really should be removed. The only reason the game sold and was generally well received was due to hype. However, upon playing it, anyone can see that just because the game has a great gimmick doesn't make it good. The control scheme completely ruined that game for me.

Instead, why not Professor Layton (And bump it up a few spots for good measure...)? It was an absolutely fantastic DS game, especially when compared to Scribblenauts.

lolcatz3600d ago

I liked Scribblenauts.... :(

But yeah the controls sucked balls.

KruLLit3600d ago

Zelda: spirit tracks should be number 1 :)

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