11 Most Heinous Gaming Habits

You've all done it. You're in the middle of a tense game of Tekken and you start cursing like a sailor with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth. You're sweating because you're about to get pwned, then start blaming it on the controller. The rage takes over and you throw the controller at your brand new 1080p baby. It's your buddy's turn but you Bogart the controller and when you finally pass it over, it's soaked with your "hand salsa." Ewww. You are a disgusting pig and you need to be punished. You're not alone. All gamers are guilty of the worst gaming habits of all time.

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timmyp534743d ago

yea but in my school i blame the controller sumtimes... but really sumtimes people hands sweat like crazy on the cube control... super smash bros is like way popular

MADGameR4743d ago

I have never slammed my controller...NEVER. I never will either. I don't think any game has ever made me slam my controller. I don't slam objects, I slam people! XD

wolfgang4743d ago

hands sweat is a problem for some gamers. I was thinking about buying a air-low controller back in the first xbox days because my wife had such a hand sweating issue ( had to wipe the controller when she handed it to me) but I ended up buying an extra controller just for her.

closedxxx4743d ago

I bet that saved her a good amount of spit over the years

wolfgang4742d ago

Never taught of that :)

ITR4743d ago

It's Pizza the Hut!

ben hates you4743d ago

the first to say that, go spaceballs

Bill Gates4743d ago

I repeatedly screamed like a little girl while playing Fatal Frame 2 for the PS2, and Silent Hill for the PS1. But I enjoyed every minute of those two games.

Raiyel4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

The only time I ever slammed my controller was playing FFX on PS2 trying to get those god awful chocobo's to run straight during the calm lands minigame...

I got so frustrated that the chocobo kept hitting the balloons I lost it and slammed my controller down into the ground effectively destroying it....

Anyone else?

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