Japan: DS Drives Game Market Up 10% in May; Over 17 Mil Sold

GameDaily BIZ has received the latest Japanese video game sales data from the Famitsu Marketing Data Service. The report (covering data collected from April 30 to May 27) reveals an increase of 10.2 percent for the overall video game market in Japan. While software sales were down 0.3 percent, hardware sales jumped 22.8 percent, easily offsetting the slight decline in software.

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PS360WII4744d ago

17 million in Japan alone.... DS is practically guaranteed to be the new holder of anything rpg. ^^

ITR4744d ago

It must be nice in Japan.
Almost everyone must have a DS or DSL now.

ItsDubC4744d ago

DS WiFi competition must be fierce over there. I just played Metroid Prime Hunters for the first time on WiFi last night and I got stomped. And so far I suck at Mario Kart DS online too lol.

ITR4744d ago

Don't try a card game then.

I got my ass handed to me in a yugioh online match.

I probably got beaten by a 8 yr old.

ItsDubC4744d ago

lol, it's nice to know I'm not the only one gettin rocked as of late. Is YugiOh a fun game?