It Wouldn't Hurt Gamers to Try Something New

From the feature editorial:

"Almost ever piece of media, if it sells well enough, will warrant a sequel in some way, shape or form despite the very real underlying need for consistently new content. When Halo was originally designed, it was created as an RTS, for the Macintosh. Well, jump ahead a decade later and Halo has become a monstrous franchise that has brought gamers the world over to their knees and the RTS elements it was build on have gone into Halo Wars. But, when a publisher or developer decides that it is best to ignore new content in the form of original intellectual property, instead focusing on easily marketable titles that a decidedly large market within the gaming community is receptive, the content runs the risk of stagnating. Personally, it is always interesting seeing new titles that push the boundaries of the game experience, illustrating something that players may not have necessarily seen before. While it is fiscally understandable why publishers cling to the cash cow franchises in their respective development houses, however it is the companies that grant life to the untested IPs that seem to acquire a laudable place in the industry and greater player community. Therefore, while it may be enjoyable to have familiar experiences expanded on over time across several iterations, new content is what decidedly develops the medium as a whole."

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Valkyrie833626d ago

It's true that ME and Dead Space were two of my favorite video games of last year; I am sick and tired of the same ol sequels that developers/publishers push out these days just to make a quick buck....nice article!

UltimaEnder3626d ago

I agree, Dead Space was games are sometimes bad but usually worth the effort from developers to go out on a limb...

The Iron Sheik3626d ago

360 gamers want nothing new they just want to shoot aliens rinse and repeat. Just look at the way they bash Heavy Rain a game that is truly new and original.

PepperJack3626d ago

i gotta go with ME for sure