Top 11 Most Overly Hyped Games

Baxy-z takes a plunge into the world of money hats and over-rating, as they spell out the top eleven worst cases of hyperbole in video games and why. From Grand Theft Auto to Super Smash Bros., this comprehensive list from Baxy-z explains in detail the phenomena of hype and how it effects its victims: the gamers.

DasBunker5339d ago

IMO the top 3 winners should be like this

3-GTA 4
1-Halo 3

also this image is awesome lol

mal_tez925339d ago

But the actual list was not so bad either. The only games that actually lived up to the hype were MGS4, Pokemon and Killzone 2

aliens5339d ago

Yeah, offcourse every PS3 game live up to the hype -.-

Killzone 2 was hyped from 2005, and it sold poorly. Talk about living up to the hype.

You can't deny that some PS3 games are over-hyped. Killzone 2 is the biggest of them. Everybody was saying that it was going to be the best FPS and that it would be a Halo-Killer.

Well. That is wrong.

I have two arguments that back up my statement.

1. It sold very poor for a game that was hyped up since 2005.

2. Look, almost nobody is playing multiplayer anymore. That is because everybody got bored of the game. What how many people do play it daily? 15.000-25.000 or something? That is little.

Immortal3215339d ago

A game not selling well?

My definition of living up to the hype is when a game delivers, most games don't appeal to others, and most games are just to hard for others.

aliens5339d ago (Edited 5339d ago )

Read my post AGAIN!

I had another argument for it also. Only 15.000 - 25.000 people play multiplayer daily nowadays. You think with 2+ million copies sold, more people would play it daily... but nooo.

So your statement remains invalid. I have facts. You may think that the game was awesome. But wouldn't many people play online if it was so awesome? No, because the multiplayer is boring and not interesting.

Yeah, yeah, try again bud.

ico925339d ago

actually killzone 2 sold pretrty well for an fps released on playstation platform (fps are never huge sellers on sony platforms) its sold what like 2million now, the marketing was very poor , also did it ever occur to you tha the people that hyped killzone 2 were the people that bought it?

also mgs4" lukewarm public reception" 1st of all anyone buying a mgs game is going to expect lengthy cutscenes is this a problem to the fans NO why? because its the end of one of the greatest video game franchise why should the story be underwhelming ,mgs 4 isnt trying to win over new fans because its the last game in the series so naturaly the story is going to appeal the mgs fans and excuse me but didnt mgs 4 win over 30 GOTY awards? MGS4 was a game to end an incredible story driven franchise and i could not have thought of a better way of ending it also isnt it the best selling game on the ps3? mgs4 lived up to ther hype if not surpassed it it was the reason i bought a ps3 and im happy because of it

Smash Daddy5339d ago

Not everyone who buys games plays multiplayer.

Major_Tom5339d ago

It's easy to spot an Xbox fanboy, they start talking about sale numbers and how useless all the games are on PS3.

aliens5339d ago (Edited 5339d ago )

Wow. So your now going to call me for a Xbox 360 fanboy, just because I was trying to explain to you guys that Killzone 2 was over-hyped and did not live up by its hype.

And sales, and how many people play it daily is facts, that helps to tell if the game lived up to it's hype or not.

Sales = If people were interested, they would have bought it. That tells me that Killzone 2 failed to gain attention of the PS3 owners. And Modern Warfare 1+2 suceeded on that.

How many people play it daily = That tells us if the game is giving entertainment to those that bought it. 2 millions bought it. Only 15.000 - 25.000 play it online. That tells me that the game failed to entertain the audience, and was starting to get boring.

CMRB BELOW response:

15.000 - 25.000 people play online daily. You talk about how good the game is. SO WHY IS NOT PEOPLE PLAYING IT? Only 15.000 - 25.000 of 2 millions? If the game was good, then many people that bought the game would have been playing online. Maybe your the child here that can't understand that logic.

cmrbe5339d ago (Edited 5339d ago )

The mind of a child.

1. 2 million sold and counting is a very big number. Most games in their lifetime don't manage to sell 1 million.

2. Game hype is not about how well a game will sell. Have you ever hear any one say they are hyped about how many copies a game will sell?. No, its about how good the game will be.

Edit: LMAO!!!. Man stop it. You are showing your age with your posts.

1. PS3 gamers != x360 gamers. PS3 != x360. Simply you cant compare them and make stupid assumptions.

2. A game played on-line dosen't mean it's the overall most popular game duh!!. So what about the millions that are playing wii sports offline?. What about millions of those that are playing SP games?. Are they not popular games because they are not played on-line?.

Look child. You can't just compare apples to oranges because they are not the same. What if X consoles only has half the installbase of Y console?. Is it fair to compare games popularity sold on each?. What if X consoles gamers like FPS more than Y console gamers?. What if X console gamers are kids that play online most of the time while Y console owners are adults that have to work most of the time?. Think about it.

Seriously, stay in school.

bjornbear5339d ago (Edited 5339d ago )

i got GTAIV for €25 =) i love gta franchise and dispite all the hate i'm sure im going to enjoy the hell out of this game

to contrast i also got probably the most UNDER hyped masterpiece this gen:

valkyria chronicles =)

@ alien

your argument matches your display picture

a) over-hype =/= sales - this means, just because a game is over hyped, doesn't mean it won't sell well (Halo was so over hyped and was so lacking in relation to the hype, but it sold like hotcakes)

b) Have you played KZ2? It is a fantastically well put together game, extreemly entertaining, and VERY fun and challenging

maybe it was over hyped, but it did come very close to the hype in comparison to "other" games.

Don't be so butt hurt just because others have an opinion that shakes the foundations of your favotirism

Immortal3215339d ago

if the xbox360 had exclusive like the ps3 halo3 would not sell that much.

edgeofblade5339d ago

Good list, in that the author provides some flamebait for everyone.

Gears? Yeah, kinda overhyped. It had a lot of potential... and honestly met quite a bit of it. But Gears 2 just kinda sputtered off my radar.

Killzone? Definitely overhyped. Aside from the things the multiplayer did amazingly right, it got so many fundamental things wrong, like thinking people wanted "weighted" controls. And they didn't. Look a the mountain of complaints. They even patched in a "high-precision" mode.

Halo? Not that overhyped. Even the author gave props where due: the multiplayer. But I could totally grant that Halo is a bunch of decent set-pieces tied together with a second string writing effort.

Smash Bros? Pokemon? COD:MW? Those are awesome pictures.

xabmol5339d ago (Edited 5339d ago )

"unlike halo3 kz2 is not the only High quality game on the system
if the xbox360 had exclusive like the ps3 halo3 would not sell that much."

Exactly. PS Brand is known for being very diverse unlike the "ShooterBox."

MS was saved by Halo, and now survives on it and Gears. What are the other top sellers on the 360?

Sony has... Well to many. At least one game per genre. And even some for genres that don't even exist, yet. To expect them to all sell 8-10 million each is, well... LOL

Jessewb5339d ago

By Aliens logic then we would all have to believe that farmville is best game in the world.
It's played online everyday by millions.
Come on man, Quality does not equal sales.
Both Killzone 2 and MGS 4 lived up to the hype.
Now this is a fact.

Cenobia5339d ago


That just sums you up. Yur so smert u shuld bee a schihentest.

xabmol5339d ago

"Yur so smert u shuld bee a schihentest."

Darkstorn5339d ago

MGS4 should not be on there, as it delivered everything that was expected, and much more. Best game this gen, I might add.

darkmurder5338d ago

What kind of idiot wrote this, Killzone 2? Pokemon ffs (who honestly looks forward to it like a GTA) and even bloody Smash Bros which was the best one yet.

Just another hit mongering site.

Shepherd 2145338d ago

i dont care, im sick of reading these stupid lists. Ive played my games, hyped or not, and loved most, so im not reading these top over hyped lists anymore, they are written because some strange person has way too much time on their hands.

Hyped or not, i loved GTA4 and Halo 3, i enjoyed MW2 as well. I dont have to think they are the best ever, but i did enjoy them and the fact that they were hyped makes no difference, i just dont care anymore.

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chidori6665339d ago

"the campaign as anything but mediocre; the hyperbole behind this one was without doubt its worst enemy"


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