Halo 3 possibly on two discs?

Probably the biggest game of 2007 will be Halo 3 for the Xbox 360. Gamers have been waiting for this sequel since Halo 2 came out in 2004 on the original Xbox. Bungie finally announced the releasedate last month: September 26. We've all had a chance to play the Halo 3 beta but the singleplayer of Halo 3 is still a big mystery.

Today Microsoft released the official boxarts of both the Normal Edition, Special Edition and the Legendary Edition. When you look at the Special Edition box tough, you'll notice three separate discs: Game Disc One, Game Disc Two and Bonus Features. Does this mean Halo 3 will be on two discs?

Nothing official on this but the picture surely says enough. It could be a mistake or the singleplayer and multiplayer are put on separate discs or something. Check the picture out below and jump to your own conclusions, but it looks like Halo 3 will be on two discs.

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PS360WII4783d ago

1 disc can be campain and the 2nd disc can be for multiplayer ^^

Yet that double disc is probably just special features and such.

eLiNeS4783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )

There is a Game Disc One and a Game Disc Two, Bonus Features for the third disc. Possibly one is the campaign and the two is the multiplayer, either way, I would rather have two disc then a slower load time of a BR disc any day. Not to many games will be on multiple disc for the Xbox 360 but PofS 3 will always have slow load times for all there games.


Also Known As4782d ago

It could come in 10 disks for all I care all this probably means is that the game will be even longer than halo2. Multiple disks have never stopped people from loving a game, case in point: didnt the much beloved game shenmue (or shenmue2), i think it was the first one on dreamcast, come in 3 disks? and rabid fans of it (like me) are still hoping for a sequel.

FreeMonk4782d ago

IF Halo 3 is indeed to be split over 2 discs, one for Campaign and one for Multiplayer, this just proves how BIG and EPIC Halo 3 is going to be!

Remember, Campaign will have the Single Player experience, which will be huge, PLUS 4 Player Campaign Co-op which will need to be expanded for the 4 player experience. Bigger battlefields to accomidate the 4 players.

Then you have multiplayer which hit 1gb on the Beta with just 3 maps. Add another 7-10 maps, all the different Chief armour, different character models (Elite, Brute etc), plus more vechiles, weapons and more effects that we've not seen yet goes to show that 2 discs may be needed.

Who cares if it's two discs, you'll only be using one at a time, and all you have to do is press the eject button and swap them over, hardly rocket science!

Also remember that the rumour from a while back mentioned that Microsoft were pushing Bungie to create Halo 3 for 1080p support, not just 720p. This will take up massive space as well!

Bring it on. 2 discs means an EPIC EPIC game! Roll on E3'07 when Bugnie will finally reveal everything on Halo 3 ready for September (they better do it!!)

wolfgang4783d ago

Let wait to see who will be the first retarded to say something like :

"what the f8ck, so when I switch from pistol to sniper I'll have to get up and swap the disk ? This is BS, bluray 50 gig 4ever ! "

omfg_1114783d ago

this would be hilarious! :D :D :D olo

anh_duong4783d ago

haha that is actually quite funny comment you just made..

MADGameR4783d ago

I remember 360 fans were saying ''No game for the 360 will ever need 2 discs!' There you go! The game with the BIGGEST hype gets it. People get egotistical about this game. ''Halo 3 will beat everything'' doubt it. I don't hate Halo, its just the people that over hype it. And when I play it, its always not as good as the first. Halo 1 was the best Halo so far. Especially for PC, it was the best version. I pwn on Halo online for PC. Well then, if this comes true that Halo 3 has to use 2 discs, then it looks like 1 DVD9 was not enough for it! Blu Ray is MORE than enough!

gta_cb4783d ago

yeh man nice comment, lets see if someone actually comes out and says it.

CrazzyMan4782d ago

anyway, you got the point, if you know, what other people would say That meas, somehow you agree that DVD is a pastgen, due blu-ray or hd-dvd. =)
but well it`s a FACT. =]]

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devv054783d ago

Bonus disc is seperate, so it can't be the bonus disc. Weird though, I wouldn't think the game was that big after having player the beta.

nice_cuppa4783d ago

you may be thinking of the 2nd bonus disc that has all the halo trilogys cutscenes on it.

i think people have just got confused by the 3 versions of halo 3.

version 1 is just the game.

version 2 is the game and a bonus disc. (shown in the picture on this thread is the inner case) this is the outer case.

version 3 is as vesion 2 but with a 2nd bonus disc with the halo trilogy cutscenes and the plastic helmet case.

THWIP4782d ago

You'd have to be blind to not see "Game Disc One" and "Game Disc Two" on the first 2 discs. :o

Xi4783d ago

or something of that sort.

ThaGeNeCySt4783d ago

so when I switch from pistol to sniper I'll have to get up and swap the disk ? This is BS, bluray 50 gig 4ever !

anh_duong4783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )

ThaGeNeCySt - why did someone disagree with you? you are only making a joke. some people are so darn sensitive.

i just got off the phone from bungie and they tell me that the the game does indeed come in TWO discs. however, they stated that disc swapping will not be needed since one disc contains the game and the other disc contains the voiceover and surround sound effects (gun/tank/plane noises etc). the idea is: you put the second disc in your hi-fi system whilst playing the game with the first disc. you then press forward/skip/rewind/seek (using your hifi remote-control) to the relevent track to play the accompany sound with each scene. for example if you fire the spartan rifle you would need to play track number 34 to get the "whooosh" "whoosh" noise that would acompany the gun. simple isn't it? this workaround ensures that there is no disc swapping needed - so all you sony fanboys can all go to hell - how dare you take the piss out of halo!

just joking okay. i am not a retarded ps fanboy since i am bill gate's love child. i love microsoft. ps: leave my negative feedback button alone since i only got 4 precious bubbles left.