Top 10 Cheesiest Classic Game Commercials

What happens when bad actors, awful writing, and great games collide?

When did video game commercials get so slick? From the eerily lifelike automotive masterpieces in the recent Forza 2 campaign to those fantastic Ratchet & Clank weapon spots, contemporary game ads are witty, gorgeous, and incredibly enticing.

But long before the Playstation 3 blitzed us with edgy adverts featuring a floating black box in a stark white room, game commercials were awkward, goofy and about as cutting-edge as a butter knife. Yep -- they were awesome.

So without further ado, a word from ten of our most senile sponsors...

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Frulond4743d ago

uhg.... eh....

funny lol

wolfgang4743d ago

I really like how they put the emphasis on how awesome are those graphics.

PS360WII4743d ago

Ice Hockey! I'm ready AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGH!!!! lol freak out and man atari really had that life like realism...

tony4743d ago

hey phil hartman was in the ice hockey commercial.

ShiftyLookingCow4743d ago

hahahahaha no wonder there are so many Peter Griffins in this world

Silvia0074743d ago

In 20 or so years, our kids will probably say the same thing to the current gen because sadly, I actually remember those days.

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