Makaze-IGN: Sonys "Big" announcement: The Agency

Jeremy Dunham, aka Makaze-IGN through his PS3 ID and the Editor-in-chief of the PS3 channel for IGN strongly thinks that the "Big" June 11 announcement of Sony was none other than "The Agency".

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nice_cuppa4738d ago

mmo ?

2008 !

so its on pc too !

this vs huxley should be interesting.

kevoncox4738d ago

Except the lack of a SOny headset kills this.
This type of game needs univerasal support.
On 360 it sticks out like a sour thumb when somone is missing a mic. However moe than 75 percent of the online gamers I have played with have no mics.

Lets see what SOE does with it.

PumPum4738d ago

you can use any BT headset with the ps3

dissectionalrr4738d ago

sure you can, but it doesn't come with one, so noone does.

San anto4738d ago

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny blue tooth headset is compatible

FadedDRFT4738d ago

Who cares about this dumb crap, I was hoping it was news on killzone, Sony fails to impress again.....

hella whip4738d ago

It was never Sony who said they had an announcement. It was the podcast from some website. The game may not even of been made by Sony.

hella whip4738d ago

Don't even see where the "realtime" would come in here. Its also something xbox fans ain't gonna be that bothered about. Hopefully IGN have got it wrong and this isn't the announcement.

The game does sound alright though not really my thing.

Premonition4738d ago

What they mean by real time is its probably already in playable form, and the graphics are probably good in its early state of development, so they might show it in real time June 11th.

nice_cuppa4738d ago

with the dreaming 360 gamers quote......

i call attention to a game known as HUXLEY guessed it..360

ud4738d ago

whatever it is it will be better than the "we have a secret unveil for gamers around the world that I think will go down in video game history."


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The story is too old to be commented.