Zombie RPG: DoubleBear interview

Brian Mitsoda from DoubleBear was more than happy to chat to Critical Gamer about the company's recently announced zombie RPG – on the condition that we sacrifice someone for them to kill and reanimate, in the name of research.

As regular readers may have guessed, the CG tea boy position is open again…

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Snezana4309d ago

Good interview! Good questions, interesting answer. Was waiting for a new good zombie game. Got to have one of those every once in a while!

rockleex4308d ago

Not just mindless shooting and easy kills.

Jockie4309d ago

I unashamedly love Bloodlines, so quite looking forward to anything Brian Mitsoda creates, espcially outside the confines of a big studio.

Cubes4308d ago

About time someone released a Zombie RPG. Getting tired of all the fantasy clones out there! Sounds great.

scruffy_bear4308d ago

Awesome interview, looking forward to get game