Colin McRae: DIRT Review at Gameplayer

Gameplayer has posted a detailed review of Colin McRae: DIRT. The writer discusses to some length the game's features, tracks, AI and car handling; and is critical of the game's shortcomings in multiplayer mode.

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Bullseye4808d ago

no multiplayer, no purchase.Poor, very poor.

crystallakekiller4808d ago

poor?....well,its a must buy for me!maybe the real reason is that youre not into rally games!...cause with superb graphics,very fun gameplay,realistic crashs....and yes theres a multiplayer...only not splitscreen...i just cant wait for this game!and by the didnt get any scores below 9 yet...thats going to be a great game for me if you ask!

Bullseye4808d ago

actually, i quite like rally games, not my favourite genre, but i have purchased CM before.XBL multiplayer option is not really multiplayer though,is it? I just think no proper multiplayer in this generation of games is a bit of a let down,but i do appreciate its getting good reviews and graphics are top notch.Anyway, i take your point and enjoy your game.

tony4807d ago

is a fun game but with multiplayer it really hurts the game.