Xbox: 'Scratched discs are not down to 360'

Problem down to 'improper use', says Microsoft

Microsoft has responded to mounting accusations that Xbox 360 is damaging consumers' discs – maintaining that there is "no systematic issue" with the console.

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Ru4737d ago

They already admitted to there being a balancing issue that was causing game disc damage?
Or sumpthing along those lines!

nice_cuppa4737d ago

iv'e lent people cd's, dvd's, games ect and most come back with fingerprints or scratches.

alot of people don't know how to handle disc's.

Wii games will be very interesting when kids try to change there games themselves.

gta_cb4737d ago

yeh i have about 10 games for my Xbox 360 plus a game which a friend has lent me, i have had NO scratches on any of my games, but the game my mate has lent me has some scratches on it, i know hes not very reliable with his console, especially as i once saw him pick up his Xbox 360 when he was drunk, he had started loading Dead or Alive 4 and shook the console, lol what an idiot, the disk obviously came loose and started making a load of noise and now he can only get certain maps and characters to work.

MK_Red4737d ago

They are really bastards, there are people who misuse but the majority try to be carefull and end up with dead consoles and scratched disks. They must be ashamed of themselves instead of blaming gamers.
While a lot of problems come from people's misuse, a larger chuck of blame and problems is still for MS.

gta_cb4737d ago

i know i could end up getting the "red rings of death" (although i havnt yet) but as for the disc scratching i have not got one disc which has been scratched, and i never get messages saying disc read error or anything.

tonsoffun4737d ago

I would prefer answers to reliability issues that surround the 360.

There just seems to be so many reports of users on their 3/4th console. In my mind that is totally unnaccetable for a manufacturer to have this kind of problem. They should be held accountable for this.

Wrecked4736d ago

They sent me a new console 2 days after I shipped mine out. No charge. It was even more than a year after I purchased the console. No hassle on the support call.

As bad as the situation is with reliability, it is still the most enjoyable console I have ever owned.

PS360WII4737d ago

Like they're going to say it's their fault. Did we think they would say anything different?

I don't know though I don't have any of my 360 games scratched or my buddy who has one as well. I like the 360 it's got great games but the ms xbox division is pretty mean to it's customers it seems.

closedxxx4737d ago

And I have had no scratched games from the console, nor have any of the 7 or 8 people that I regularly play with.
While a few of us have had consoles die, none of us have had a game randomly ruin a disc.
I'm leaning more toward USER ERROR than hardware malfuntion on the disc scratching issue.

nobizlikesnowbiz4737d ago

I've had one fluke problem with my 360. Somehow I got ahold of a faulty Gears disc because somehow it got cracked. A crack starting in the center and moving outward. Not very large but just large enough to make me not be able to play Gears. Don't worry though I bought a new copy the next day ;).

Point is that that was my only problem, and I believe it was a fluke, because I haven't heard of discs cracking due to the 360's drive or something like it intentionally breaking discs lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.