Square Enix clarifies position on Final Fantasy for 360

Square Enix has clarified that recent comments made by Shinji Hashimoto regarding Final Fantasy on Xbox 360 were referring to the company's current plans.

Japan's Nikkei BP quoted the executive producer as saying, "As for Final Fantasy on the Xbox 360, it's currently a completely blank page." Some reports interpreted this to mean that the series will never again appear on Microsoft's next-gen console.

However, a spokesperson for Square Enix told, "Hashimoto-san was talking about the current situation" - which would suggest his comments shouldn't be interpreted as forward-looking.

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter said he expects the next Final Fantasy to appear on PlayStation 3 exclusively - but observed that Square Enix will face a tough decision.

"The series has always been single console and given the Xbox 360 sell through in Japan, it would be hard to put the next Final Fantasy instalment on the 360 only," he told

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nice_cuppa4738d ago

so ff13 games are going to 360 !

i figured the cost of developing these games and the low ps3 userbase would lead to multiplatform ff.

TheMART4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Just like I said already... A blank page can be written on any time...

Mark my words

FFXIII will be announced for the 360. Like MGS4 comes over also with the latest comment "MGS4 on 360 is pure speculation", doesn't sound as an exclusive to me!

Combined with removing the PS3 logo in the MGS4 trailer... Now this again... Daaammnnnn 2 of the largest franchises are jumping as rats from the PS3 sinking titanic

@ hella whip

"Just like every exclusive game has a blank page for other consoles. You could say this about any game that's exclusive to a console and not first party. "

Wrong there. Most real exclusives say they're exclusive. Like Gears from Epic. They don't say it's a 'blank page for PS3'.

Thus: this is confirmation between the lines. You can just be sure of that.

@ Babylonian (below)

If it would still be real PS3 exclusives, they would say so. All points in the direction of the games going multiplatform

tonsoffun4738d ago

I dunno man, making a multiplatform game out of a single platform game isn't jumping ship - merely adapting to the escalating developing costs of this generation.

Besides, I hope they do go multiplatform - if they keep the PS3 as the lead development platform, we wil finally see what a PS3 port on the 360 looks like - will they be inferior, will they look better?

Who knows. But it is a good day for everyone when games like this go multiplatform - the devout brand followers will be able to experience these possibly great games.

hella whip4738d ago

Just like every exclusive game has a blank page for other consoles. You could say this about any game that's exclusive to a console and not first party.

Babylonian4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Nothing is certain, we still have to hear an official announcement of both games coming to the 360. Just like DMC was officially announced to go multi. These games are still presumed PS3 exlusives, so don't jump your horses that fast based on just speculation you made up. Speculations are good so we can discuss what we think is going to happen but they aren't certain or true. Don't forget that.

Darth Gamer4738d ago

A good friend of mine who is one of the top managers for EB games and Gamestop said he was talking to a Playstation Rep the other day and was told that Sony lost exclusive rights to Final Fantasy and that FF13 would be ported over to the 360. True or not, is yet to be seen but I know he wasn't lying about the conversation. He actually is talking me out of buying a PS3 instead of the opposite like a good company man would. He also told me that MGS4 is also on the way sometime in the not too distant future. I will wait till the holiday season and see if new news comes of this before spending the 600$. There is too much on the 360 right now for me to make any hasty purchases.

MADGameR4738d ago

You only come out when there is news related to what you say. Yes we know that alot of the greatest games that are exclusive for the PS3 is also heading to the 360. I know that these companies want a raise in profits and want to sell alot. So its only natural that they make it multi-plat. They never cared about company loyalty. But after all this is the planet earth and nothing is perfect, everything does'nt go anybody's way. Whatever happens happens. But IF SONY wins this war, MS has no excuse and neither do the 360 fanboys. For all I know, right now Nintendo has the biggest chance of winning.

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SuperSaiyan44738d ago

Why make games for a platform that costs double that of the 360 and then have a very small user base compared to the 360?

I doubt these game developers want to put themselves out of business, this generation most 3rd party games will be cross platform games and 1st party games or second party IP's that have been bought will be exclusives.

All in all its about making games, would you like to see say FF games in the future on just the PS3 with a huge price hike or Square Enix selling their company and haha Microsoft buying them or see FF games on both machines in future?

Its all about choice.

fenderputty4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

FFXIII might be coming in some form but, it's not the game that the PS3 is getting. It's that possible MMO you're talking about.

The thing that bothers me most about this crap is that people like MART are doing nothing more then using this game and MGS4 as a political tool to rile up fanboys and bash the PS3.

PS360WII4738d ago

When is Square Enix really going to be scared of the backlash from the West? Oh never gotchya.

If in 2008 they finally decided what they are going to do with FFXIII I guess then we can have this talk, but until then FFXIII is on PS3.

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