New Lair Screens

Check out new screenshots of Lair on the PS3.

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Close_Second4744d ago

...looks way better in motion. Some of those images seem washed out or flat. The last picture in particular looks quite average. Again, these still do not do the game justice.

If this game has real depth and is not Star Wars Starfighter but with dragons then the PS3 will have its first AAA title.

Saint Sony4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

Am I the only one who thinks Lair doesn't really look as stunning as it should be looking according to promises what PS3 can do and fanboy talk?

Anyhow.. I guess the engine is good, but horrible texture work in some locations, tiled sea is a big no no no..
Shaders gives me chill also. There are already games in PS3 that looks better.

But I guess there are some visually stunning moments in motion. These screens are not bad visually, but what comes to graphics.. hmm

EDIT: @Cartesian3D, I did look carefully, I would not say my opinion if I did not. Amount of polygons has nothing to do with texture work nor much with shaders. I did not say anything bad about the movement did I?.. and I don't hate PS3, I want it to do good. I just can't stand PS3 fans like you that instantly think that partially NEGATIVE opinions are always from the PS3 haters.My opinions were only based on these images and if you would read my comment carefully you would know it.

Cartesian3D4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

I dont want to say the reason ..

u can compare number of polygons in ONE frame of the lair and other games like Gears.. for sure in 1080p with that HUGE world u cant see Highest res textures ( but u saw )

Dragon physics is amazing if u see all HD clips about this game.. Im sure u didnt.. u just want to bash this game because its for ps3..

u dont know this game is FIRST in this Genre and will be better in next version.. for the first one its AMAZING .. and visuals are stunning.. yes u said some games looks better in Ps3 .. for example uncharted.. but in uncharted there is no dragon physics and 32x32 km world...

Cartesian3D4744d ago

HUGE and Beautiful ... I didnt see sth like that in any other game..

thank u Factor5 , I knew u can make this new Idea at best. there is no dragon to capture its animation , there is no such world in history .. these guys make one of the most complicated games ever..

good job

achira4744d ago

this game looks awesome! dont listen to xbots, they have nothing better to do than spamming. this game looks fantastic, best graphic ever!

ericnellie4744d ago

I'm sorry but, those screen shots don't look that great. I'm not a fanboy and I own all 3 next-gen systems! I'm really excited for this game - I just hope it looks a lot better than those screens. We've got to be honest with ourselves; will it look better on release date...ofcourse but, are those screen shots jaw dropping...NO.

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The story is too old to be commented.