The future of the PSP may lie with the PlayStation 3

While the armchair Internet quarterbacks may call the PSP a failure, in truth the system has been a decent seller for Sony. The problem is that no one can keep up with the astronomical sales of the DS; it's hard not to look underwhelming in comparison. The vice president of publisher and developer relations at SCEE, Zeno Colaço, also admitted to Pocket Gamer that the system was missing "one or two killer apps" that would have helped the system in its early days.

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Ru4746d ago

Money may hold Value!

HandShandy4746d ago

I was just looking at your avatar and I sware it looks like that little prick who follows you around laughing in the first Halo when your in the Library.

I don't know who said it but it was on this site and someone refered to the PSP as: "The console that could of..."

And I love that.

The PSP is a fantastic piece of kit, but controversial marketing and the rediculousness of the UMD Movie business.... kinda made it look like a failure from many angles.

The DS is a fantastic portable gaming console - and it's very popular with children or women (People who like novelties and portable gaming - EG: Not fussed about great graphics and stuff)

If Sony had released home UMD Players, made UMD-R/UMD-RW disks, lowered the price of UMD movies and marketed them properly it could of been a far more successful format.

The PSP is far from a failure in Sony's eyes - the see it as some kind of gleaming success... It kinda is.

At the End of the Day the PSP is a fantastic PMP (Portable Media Player) with built in wifi, UMD, Memory card and a lovely large bright screen it's a hand held dream machine.

As a gaming console... it's contols are a lil dodgey but the graphics and what you can do with Homebrew apps are a key selling point.

LONG live the PSP!!! :D

QuackPot4746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

The PSP and Ps3 need to have much greater connectivity and functionality.

Essentially, the PSP needs to ALSO function as a Ps3 controller and portable display - in short being able to use/play the Ps3 entirely from the PSP if you wanted to.

Just think about this for a PSP2:

- has six-axis and rumble function
- has touch screen that brings up a screen keyboard(like the iPhone)
- can be used as a controller for the Ps3
- can be used as a display for the Ps3.

Now with 2008 being the year when Ps3 sales finally start to roll and if Sony brings out the PSP2 - at least as a controller/display - not long after, then the PSP will distinguish itself from the DS and its sales will inevitable skyrocket.

Now lets see if Sony does this. I have a sneaking suspicion they are moving towards the controller/display PSP with their dabblings into interconnectivity.

Wow, are we all in for a treat.

TruthHurts4746d ago

of the PSP depends on them REDESIGNING it or bring out PSP2 w/ one simple change TWO ANALOG STICKS.


Bill Gates4746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

I'm really happy I picked up a PSP after its price drop. I'm really enjoying the PSP/PS3 connectivity, and I believe it'll only get much better in the near future.

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