Take the Poll: Nintendo DS vs. Sony PSP vs. iPhone/iPod Touch

The convergence of social media and gaming is becoming harder to deny. The domination of the FarmVille Facebook game, the blockbuster acquisition of Playfish by EA, and the rise of the iPhone as a gaming platform immediately come to mind as examples of social media's impact on the game industry.

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Jimis784212d ago

The DS is the console which revolutionized portable gaming.

ZombieAutopsy4212d ago

how? I kno its a good handheld gaming device but how did it revolutionize portable gaming.

SpoonyRedMage4212d ago

Well I say the fact that it's a completely unique experience is something that was revolutionary and there really is some games on the platform that aren't possible elsewhere, like The World Ends With You, it uses the dual screens, touch screen, buttons, microphone, the ability to close the DS over.

Plus the DS is the system that really took the lead and has being lots of games, including the bulk of RPGs with even the major franchises having main iterations on the system(DQIX, SMT4, Tales).

Anyway, my vote goes to the DS for the fantastic library of games it has(even the majority of "gamers" are oblivious to the quality of the library).

flip-it34212d ago

While the DS does have a better line up than just psp games, the psp also has the PS1 library which is still amazing.

Right now Im going back and playing all the games I missed: FFVII, CV:SOTN, Xenogears, Cronocross, Metal Gear, FFT, Parappa the Rapper, Tekken 3, FFVIII and many more I need to find.

Because of being able to play all the ps1 games that makes me enjoy the psp much more.

Also if you homebrew you can put NES, SNES, Genesis and Gameboy emulators on then you just increased your library to some of the best consoles ever made.


Maddens Raiders4211d ago

"Here at SlashGear we’d recommend the DS for younger or significantly older would-be gamers, who should be well catered for by the simple interface and drawn in by the quirky, easily-grasped games. For teenagers and media junkies we’d lean toward the PSP: its integration with the PS3 is fantastic, the games on offer are nicely biased toward those willing to invest time and effort, and it certainly has the power to see it supporting top titles for some time to come."

When you add in homebrew /emulators the argument becomes pretty one sided after that. The PSP is my number one choice for handheld gaming.

asdr3wsfas4211d ago (Edited 4211d ago )

Scribblenauts is the only game of its kind. It's one of many examples.

Nov NPD:

"The Nintendo DS sales were the highest in history for a portable console in a November month."

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sashimi4212d ago

"the iPhone app store had over 21,000 different games. You may not think it, but the iPhone and iPod touch are gaming forces to be reckoned with" I just lol'd super hard, Anyway the DS & Psp are both awesome in its own way and theres no reason not to own both which i do.
But the iphone/itouch is just lame for gamers IMO and should never be mentioned in the same breath as the DS and Psp. The media is the only ones whos makes a big deal out of say facebook/twitter for gaming? lol

Close_Second4212d ago

...21000 games for download but how many original ones worth having?

You get tired of so many columns clones.

witchking4211d ago

Since I picked up my iTouch I've pretty much abandoned playing the DS or the PSP. They're both collecting dust.

Are there better games on the DS and PSP than the iTouch? Sure, I'm not going to argue that. But I play my hardcore stuff (RPGs, shooters, action, etc) on the 360. What I want out of my mobile device is something easy, quick and fun to play. And the iTouch delivers that quite nicely.

Maddens Raiders4211d ago

witchking, if Gran Turismo, Dissidia, GOWCOO, KZ:Liberation, and MGS: Portable Ops aren't enough and wonderfully hardcore to sway one away from ((iTouch)) games, then I surely don't know what the hell is. Plus if you're only playing "hardcore" types of games as you say on the 360, you are missing out on even more.

PS360WII4211d ago

Let me guess most voted for PSP while everyone knows the DS is the real winner ^^