New World in Conflict "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" trailer and screens

Vivendi Games has sent along yet another set of screenshots drawn from Massive Entertainment's upcoming real-time strategy game World in Conflict. Along with the screens comes a gameplay trailer set to the Tears for Fears classic "Everybody Wants to Rule the World." World in Conflict is currently undergoing a closed beta test. The game is set to ship for PC this fall.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4746d ago

Just by the looks this makes me want to buy this RTS which Is't my kind of game. (FPS or TPS anything)

kewlkat0074746d ago

It looks awesome. MS is really changing the whole you can't enjoy an RTS on a console argument. Wait till your able to play an RTS with that new surface technology of theirs. I can see it now, commanding my troops as if, I'm on a real battlefield, Napolian style.

nice_cuppa4746d ago

why would you pick that song ?

kewlkat0074746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

That song fits that game just right. I know its not HARD CORE ROCK like everybody wants for these types of games these days.

Tears for Fears was an awesome 80's band...Many Hits. that song wil have some type meaning till the end of man..hehe

Anyhow I think a lot of people might not have been thought of when this song debut..80's was an ORIGINAL era..bro nutting like it.

I'm a musif fanatic, and I like this song..

Dr Pepper4746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

Looks epic. I'm really wanting this to come to 360 (I hope the rumor was true).

Edit: I thought that song was pretty good with the video.