Overlord Demo on Xbox Live, PC Demo Next Week

Overlord is an original next-generation title from Age of Wonders developer Triumph Studios. A 890mb demo is now available on Xbox Live, while a 1.2Gb PC demo is expected next week.

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SuperSaiyan44746d ago

Cant wait to try this out! Never really heard much about the game but it kinda looks and sounds promising from what I have read and seen recently.

Its soo good owning a 360 knowing you get all these great demos and trailers and gamerpics and themes awesome stuff!

tonsoffun4746d ago

Totally agree -

I have been folloing this game for a while - I personally hope this lives up to my own personal hopes for this game.

Captain Tuttle4746d ago

It's good, although the camera needs work. They've tied both movement and the camera to the left stick which is a mistake I think. Other than that, it's fun and original. Visually it's very similar to Fable, though with better graphics and that's a good thing.

They've got to fix the camera though or at least give you some customizable options for the controller...could be a game killer for me otherwise.

toughNAME4746d ago

what is that like 4 new demos this week?

Saint Sony4746d ago

Cool! This and the classic Prince of Persia remake. Happy joy.. oh and DiRT.

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The story is too old to be commented.