Reeves: 1million PS3's sold in PAL territories

David Reeves, President and CEO, SCEE reports:

"I'm happy to say that early last week we broke through the one million sell-through mark on PS3. That was sell-through across all PAL territories – and we achieved that in nine and a half weeks. That's faster than both PS2 and PSone.

And I think the analysts out there will realise it's faster than our brothers and sisters in the competitive world as well.

In terms of breakdown by Euro territories, the UK did very well. They are probably up to 25 per cent of business, so have made a great star. And we're particularly pleased with Iberia and France. They are neck and neck.

In terms of software, we've sold in about two million pieces of first party software. And the big ones are Resistance: Fall of Man at about 600,000 units and Motorstorm at just over the 500,000 mark. We're obviously very happy that thse two new IPs have done so well...."

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Shadow Flare4743d ago

ps3 has the image of selling poorly is because you have a 2 year old, 10 million console selling system and a cheap happy meal toy to compare it with. Considering the ps3 costs so much, its doing really well, even with the lack of games. If you make everything relative (all systems launch same day & systems sold:price point) then it becomes clear how well ps3 is doing. People forget that the 360 wasn't exactly flying off shelves the few months after it launched. And look at ps3's games line up. You'll only see those sales accelerate

_insane_cobra4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

Actually, PS3 WAS doing really well in the weeks after the launch (speaking strictly of PAL territories now), which was expected because of the pent-up demand. The sales have been dropping ever since.

But I agree with you that they will pick up in the second part of the year. Then again, sales of all three consoles will.

By the way, the 360 wasn't flying off the shelves after the launch because the shelves were mostly empty. ;)

Alvadr4743d ago

Also agreed. People dont compare comparability overtime, they only seem to be concerned with present day sales disregarding the fact that 360 has been out 18 months longer.

The fact that the PS3 has shifted more units in Europe in the first 3 months in march than compared to the 360 did over its xmas release is a good sign.

MADGameR4743d ago

360 is in BIG trouble now! SONY is catching up!

Diselage4742d ago

@ Madgamer of course their catching up, what did you expect Microsoft to keep a 10 million console lead?

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Babylonian4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

Lately there is alot of PS3 discouraging news posted, but I think that the PS3 isn't doing as bad as some people think. An example is this article (thank you deep for the find), all I want to say is give it a chance, wait till E3 and then say what you think about it.

I know some of you want games, features and other things now, and literaly NOW. But that's just not logic or fair, Sony is trying to do their best at delivering some good stuff. But to get the job right takes some time.

gerth6664743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

The price is still a little to high for a lot of people, there are loads of people i know who want to buy one they just cant spare the coin. I got it at launch, but to be fair i would buy a turd on a stick if it were sony playstation branded.

To the guy below me, i would pay 425 pounds. Does that sound ok to you?

anh_duong4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

i have got a turd on a stick with a nice ps logo on it for you.. it's not quite as stylish as shiny black however it is lumpy brown..

how much you want to pay for it?

Raiyel4743d ago

I'll buy it for $699 dollars please!!!

Uganda644743d ago

Remember he's talking solely about PAL territories here

R:FOM way over 1 million. Motorstorm at least 700k with those ancient NPD numbers and this 500k from PAL. 2 million 1st party titles in PAL alone, and record breaking sales pace.
Let's see them hold this up with the massive Fall events/releases - hoping it comes to PAL too.

xfrgtr4743d ago

The 360 is a disaster in Europe

P4KY B4743d ago

and i know loads of people with 360's

but i've yet to meet someone who has a PS3.

Fart_Bubbles4743d ago

with the 360 no European in their right mind would go anywhere near a 360, same thing in Japan, you don't hear xbots talk about those sales numbers cause to say they are embarrassing is being kind.

Last I looked worldwide sales is what wins a console war, that being said the 360 doesn't have a chance in hell yet we have to put with xbots proclaiming victory when the race has just barely started.

IMO the 360 will struggle to break 20 million units this time around, while the PS3 will hit it's stride by mid 08. 5 years from now there will be 60 million PS3's sold.

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