CNET Prizefight: XBOX 360 Elite vs PS3 Slim

It's another clash of the titans as Microsoft and Sony fight for gaming console superiority. The PS3 has yet to win the prizefight ring. Will its fortunes change this time?

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Tinted Eyes5102d ago (Edited 5102d ago )

But they still seem really misinformed, listing games like Left 4 Dead as exclusives for the 360 and listing things like Last.fm, Twitter and Facebook as pluses for the 360 even though PS3 had it from the start.

Cnet needs to learn a few more things about video games before they make more of these vids man.

Godmars2905102d ago

As far as Facebook and Twitter, they're probably looking at XMB integration.

Though its odd the first time they bring up the web browser having any value, mention it at all, they bring up that Hulu's blocking it. In fact there were tons of things they neglected to mention in past comparisons that they brought up now.

callahan095102d ago (Edited 5102d ago )

Are they serious giving the PS3 a 3 and the 360 a 5 for online? I give them both a 4. 360 has more features, but that subscription fee is a huge negative. PS3 has great features, too, like NetFlix, standard internet access, Life With PlayStation and Home, and it's all free, but it doesn't get a perfect score because it's missing a few things here and there. What I do know is that Xbox Live is no where near better enough versus PSN to earn nearly twice as good of a score considering it costs money and the other doesn't.

And about the games, they mention that the PS3 doesn't have backwards compatibility "at all." First of all, it does play PSone discs. Second of all, who REALLY cares all that much about backwards compatibility? If you're going to buy a PS3 or a 360 you're doing it for what it offers you now, not how much old stuff you can put in it and play with. And they focus on XBLA and PSN games, and multiplatform downloadable content, rather than on the actual exclusive retail line-up.

And graphics... two of the three of them gave both systems the same score? I find that kind of silly. Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 definitely should have been enough to let the PS3 squeak by with a higher score this time around.

All in all, I think it REALLY pained them to give the PS3 the win here, and they tried to make it closer of a fight than it really is in some of these categories so that the PS3 doesn't wind up with an all-out blow-out win.

CNET has been and seems to still be pretty 360-biased if you ask me. Only now they're giving the PS3 some of the credit it deserves. But they gave the 360 the "games" round and I definitely don't think they should have this year when the PS3 has had ridiculous quantities of amazing games both at retail and on the PSN downloadable front. And as I said before, they give XBL way too much credit considering that you can't even play any games online without paying a fee, and they don't give the PSN enough credit considering that it has some unique features of its own that the 360 doesn't have, it has most of the important features (online gaming, voice chat, private messages, friends lists, video chat, netflix, etc.) and it's free.

IzKyD13315102d ago (Edited 5102d ago )

Anyone else wanna punch the guy in the video? The way he talks and acts just screams douchebag

Perjoss5102d ago

people still talking about the xblive fee? wow, you'd think it was some giant heap of cash you have to hand over, you guys know about jobs right?

LordMarius5102d ago (Edited 5102d ago )

I groaned when they mentioned Ratchet and Clank instead of LBP or Killzone 2

And they still only mention Uncharted 2 for the graphics, come on give KZ2 some love(yes I saw they were showing in it but they didnt mention it)

Saaking5102d ago (Edited 5102d ago )

There's NO point in comparing them. PS3 wins in all categories with the exception of the one or two 360 exclusive games.

Seriously, if you disagree, then tell what the 360 has over the PS3? Nothing.

Noctis Aftermath5102d ago (Edited 5102d ago )

@perjoss: what so people aren't allowed to point out the fact that you have to pay to play online with live but it's free on PSN, who cares if it's a 3 year old argument, it's still a valid one seeing how you STILL need to pay to play online with Live.

If you think it's about "how much" you need to pay you are mistaken, it's the fact that you need to pay when it's provided for free on other systems.

HDgamer5102d ago

Can't believe I watched this crap, this guy was basically spreading misinformation around. It's pathetic really.

Saaking5102d ago

CNET IS biased, but as bias as they are even they can't deny the PS3 is the overall better console. I wouldn't recommend watching this as it is honestly disgusting. Full of lies and anti-Ps3 comments (which are mostly made up). This is why CNET should not be trusted for anything.

HolyOrangeCows5102d ago (Edited 5102d ago )

The last one was pure CRAP.

The only reason they gave it to the Ps3 is because they can't deny it anymore without looking (More) stupid and (More) bias. The whole ride they tried to give all the positive words to the 360, and tried to make it sound like the PS3's greatest positions were purely in it's "Recent Strides"

Greywulf5102d ago

Cnet definitely has a problem giving the PS3 credit for PSN features. I know I can list more higher rated PSN games than XBLA games out. Especially when the only highlights = "FAT PRINCESS & FLOWER" really?

Cnet also says PSN is good because it also has netflix & a browser.. but XBLA is better because it has a game selection? Yet, they ignore all the PSN games which are huge mind u as far as Arcade titles go, as well as critically acclaimed. To just give the PS3 credit for MGS4/Killzone/Ratchet is a bit... misleading as well. They say "HALO GEARS AND LEFT 4 DEAD!" 2 of which aren't even exclusive to the console.

The tide is definitely changing. I just feel like as CNETS job to inform a consumer, their coverage of the PS3 was lacking. Home is a multi-milliondollar money maker for sony, and has a ton of third party support and home spaces. Saying "its not worth talking about" is a flat out lie. They just didn't want to compare avatars to home.

Overall, their scoring system had the 360 clinging on with bs points.

-Alpha5102d ago

twitter, last FM and Facebook are much better incorporated on LIVE than using the clunky web browser on PS3.

And I assume they mentioned L4D2 because its not on PS3 so it counts as a bonus for 360 (this isnt about exclusives).

As soon as round 5 and round 6 came I knew that the 360 would be knocked down.

I find value and features are redundant as they both are pretty much the same thing, but regardless, the Trey finally tastes it sweet victory and it only gets better from here.

Oh, and the 360 Elite really looks clunky and outdated. If anyone needed a redesign it was the 360

cyborg69715102d ago

It's all about exclusives alpha, and considering a pc/360 game exclusive is retarded.

ultimolu5102d ago (Edited 5102d ago )

I'm not even watching this. Based on CNET's history, I'm not surprised with their treatment of the PS3. They won't give credit when credit is due so what did you guys expect?

It always has to be some half-assed credit.

bigrudowsky5102d ago

I dont see what the problem is with them saying that l4d2 is exclusive to xbox I mean you cant get it on any other console and the vast majority of console gamers will not pick this up on pc.

flirt_games5102d ago

CNET ass holes are owned by Microsofties....
That's why the bias.

HolyOrangeCows5102d ago

Microsoft will make sure that media outlets (Especially ones owned by them, like Cnet) claim that 2010 is the HOLY REVIVAL of the 360.
Then they will tell people that Natal isn't boring casual snoozeware.

Sarcasm5102d ago

"people still talking about the xblive fee? wow, you'd think it was some giant heap of cash you have to hand over, you guys know about jobs right?"

Right, because if you have a job it's OK to pay an unnecessary fee. Your going far in life.


Sarcasm5102d ago

At the end of the day, what should matter most to consumes is value. Although most people (judging by 360 sales) have no idea what value is, the PS3 is still the best value out of all the consoles as far as overall cost per entertainment features.

DevastationEve5102d ago (Edited 5102d ago )

Xbox 360 FTW

Ichiryoka5102d ago

Too bad it lost,but thats not funny is it?

::Laughs like Peter Griffin:: hehehheheheheheheheheheheheheh eheheheh

heroicjanitor5102d ago

The same dlc I have on my ps3? Two of the judges gave the graphics even?! The ps3 won but c'mon...

Game13a13y5102d ago (Edited 5102d ago )

but at least they gave the PS3 a clear KO to the old tech 360. i'm just glad that they repeated mentioned the 360 is lacking in technology and graphics.

Tavaras5102d ago

Why do you spend so much time spreading hate about anything the 360 has to offer? You honestly believe that the 360 has NO value when compared to the PS3? You make it seem that the PS3 was always at this price point. The Slim is a good deal. I have one. But it doesn't render my 360 obsolete. In fact, I still play my 360 more than my PS3. Most multiplats run better on 360, and Live is better than PSN. There is no doubt about it. It has more features, a better and more simple interface, an option to connect to my network with an N router, and most of my friends game more on 360 online than with the PS3, even though they all own PS3's themselves! Yes, I do know I pay for Live. I have no problem with that at all. I tried PSN to see if I could switch, but PSN is behind in too many areas for me to give up Live. But that's just me. I also pay a heftier price to drive my BMW when a Toyota basically does the same thing. But the Toyota doesn't do it like the BMW... just like PSN doesn't do it like Live. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy PS3, Uncharted 2 is my overall game of the year this year, but the way you guys have this elitist attitude about it when compared to the 360 is just stupid.

The Lazy One5102d ago

PS3 wins > CNet is biased towards M$.

edgeofblade5102d ago (Edited 5102d ago )

Last time I check out my PS3 browser... I couldn't load facebook correctly. So, I'm not so sure PS3 "has" facebook, and this minor update to let your PS3 post on facebook doesn't count. And I honestly don't want to screw with the PS3 browser. It's clunky and not good for anything but a bulletpoint on the box.

I'm also not sure why I should care what this azn-thug wannabe says, especially when he's so willing to take the first-party graphics of the PS3 as "self-evidently" better when there is a mountain of third-party games for comparision. He has NO CLUE what they would look like on a 360, and neither does anyone else.

And finally, if it's not on PS3, it's a console exclusive to 360. Or we can start harping on all the games the PS3 DOESN'T have. We can start framing this in negative terms... which is what you seem to want.

on Netflix: I like to watch South Park episodes on Netflix. I have watched them on the PC, on my Xbox 360, and on my PS3. Unfortunately, the PS3 is the only one that can't seem to sync the audio and video right. Plus the PS3 netflix menu is quite slow. And least of all... it's on a disk.