Microsoft says console sweet spot is $199

As Microsoft reveals intentions to target families with new titles and a renewed marketing push, group product manager David Hufford has said he's well aware that USD 199 is the ideal price for the family audience.

Although the company has avoided a significant price reduction of the Xbox 360 since release in late 2005, analysts and industry watchers expect a cut in time for the Christmas period.

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gta_cb4743d ago

i hope there talking about the premium for this price, then i mite consider buying the Elite which obviously will come down in price because of the PS3 and then give my current Xbox 360 to my younger brother.

the smart thing to do would be to have a price cut when the 65 chips are released, then the reliability would increase aswell.

Babylonian4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

Are they dropping the price on the Xbox 360?

gta_cb4743d ago

no official word yet, but ya know it has been out now for about a year and a half, and they cant not have a price cut forever =) so i would say cant be long now.

Babylonian4743d ago

If it's cheap, I might be temped. Just might though ;)

Ru4743d ago

Just wow! that would definately sell some consoles!

FadeToBlack4743d ago

I think they will probably drop the prices of all three sku's by this holiday season.

Core = $199.99
Pro = $299.99
Elite = $399.99

Just my thoughts.

_insane_cobra4743d ago is even more optimistic, they say a 33% drop might occur across all SKUs bringing the prices to:

Core: $200
Premium: $267
Elite: $320

I'm more inclined to go with your numbers, though.

Fat Onion4743d ago

Good numbers, but I think the Elite is going to be $379.99 considering it was $479.99

gta_cb4743d ago

what are these in UK currency? as at the moment the premium (you call it pro) is normally £279.99 obviously this is different number with stores doing deals/bundle deals etc.

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FirstknighT4743d ago

If the 360 goes down to $199 than you can kiss the ps3 goodbye.

TruthHurts4743d ago

the core is what will be 199.
and if they sell anymore of those the regular 360s will be in alot of trouble (HDD).

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The story is too old to be commented.