BioShock Hands-On

All the details of the first few hours.

The flaming wreckage of our downed plane sinks nearby as we swim up to a dark spire protruding from an otherwise empty expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. It's the entrance to Rapture, the setting for Irrational's newest first-person shooter infused with RPG elements. In 1946 the city was built by Andrew Ryan, a man committed to the ideal of a society where anyone could achieve anything. He separated it from the rest of the world to sever the city from God, politics, and other bothersome surface influences. Probably not the best call in the world in retrospect, but those who seek to create utopias probably aren't leaning towards mental stability to begin with. As we soon find out, Ryan's artificial paradise didn't work. Its residents are corrupted and mutated, though the reason is a mystery when first entering the waterlogged city. It's easy to see that it has something to do with genetic experiments, but discovering the precise nature of Rapture's collapse is BioShock's main goal. Considering we crashed in the ocean right next to it, there wasn't much of choice but to investigate.

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wolfgang4742d ago

TheMart : Why approve if you reported this as "lame" ?

If you consider "lame" neglecting to put this in the 360 section, you should reporte "wrong channel" instead.

gta_cb4742d ago

yes change it to Xbox 360 aswell kornbeaner.

PS360PCROCKS4742d ago

"and makes us curious how long the game actually is. Regardless, BioShock is very impressive so far. We can't wait for more."

Um let's see they said 20-25 hours just TWO days ago.

closedxxx4742d ago

You could read the other article
1UP: The First Few Hours of BioShock

Whoooop4742d ago

That it seems a bit repetitive, not talking about environments.. I'm talking about enemies.

I've seen some videos and it always show the same enemies, specially the Big daddy character seems to appear everytime no matter in what part the footage is taken..

I'm just curious if this is just the devs showing little of the game..

Game looks awesome visually and gameplay too, it would be a shame that it gets boring killing the same enemies over and over again..

Nevertheless is a game i wish it was coming to the PS3.

PS: Not flaming, just curious, so if somebody care to correct me please do.

Pardon ma English

PS360PCROCKS4742d ago

You know I really didn't notice that until you mentioned it. But I do know that the big daddies play a prominent role in the game so you see them more than any other character. For the rest of the characters their either hiding them or that is what you get...but from what I know from the storyline all the people who lived in rapture had genetic changes made to them. So that I think most of the enemies are slightly different in certain regards. Or maybe certain areas differ to what social class lived their in the times it was a city. Who knows? It would though be a shame for them to create such an ambitious game and have so few variations in characters to kill.