Cross-platform play: Do PC gamers want it?

PC gamers have new enemies and/or friends: Xbox 360 gamers. Microsoft's launch of Shadowrun last week heralded the debut of cross-platform gaming, one of the major features introduced in Games for Windows - Live's paid-for service.

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FordGTGuy4744d ago

can log into their windows live account and instantly enjoy cross-platform play using their Xbox Live Gold Account. In other words I think Xbox Live Gamers who play PC Games to might enjoy this better then just a normal PC Gamer. I also think Windows Live Silver holds a huge advantage compared to other Online PC Gaming services.(Windows Live Silver includes Online Multiplayer, Friends List, and just about every other feature you have come to expect from Xbox Live Gold. Windows Live Gold includes cross-platform play and True Skill Matchmaking.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4744d ago

Micrsoft will be able to hammer out problems and compromise while still being able to profit.

ZeroAlarm4744d ago

Not if we have to pay for it; that's bollocks.

Nicosia4744d ago

The paying to play online is rediculous. I have the same thing about online MMORG crap.

Btw... How about we give you die hard PC fans no games then? Atleast you getting love this generation, the last (or all of them) got few or none of the console games. [/rant over]

DeadlyFire4744d ago

can't you two read Silver service for PC is Free 24/7. You pay for nothing and get the same stuff Gold XB Live players get. X-fire still should work as well.

frosty794744d ago

console to pc compatability has almost no appeal to me. Call me when they can make it possible to compete against players on rival consoles.

There are so many rabid single console loyalists out there. How could it not be insanley awesome to go head to head with them, and take fanboyism to a whole new level. Now, I don't think it'll ever happen because it would be veiwed by the console companies as helping their competitor and I'm sure there would be some massive hoops developers would have to jump through to achive propper communication between the games on two different consoles. But it's a nice dream regardless.

TnS4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

Would be awesome if you could kill your friend with his X360 from your PS3 or vice versa. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.