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SuperSaiyan44784d ago

Many may already know my utter negativeness towards this game *sigh* and in most cases in past I have said do not go by demos so due to the fact that well hardly any games are coming out and this Forza 2 seems to be getting great reviews from everywhere and nearly all are telling me the visuals are great AND from what you can do in the game career wise I emm well went out and got the game *embarrassed*

Oh and it was the collectors edition LOL!

I am a sucker for me collectors edition - gotta collect them all LOL!

FirstknighT4784d ago

This game is averaging 90% across the board! Mark it up as another AAA title for the 360!

ironwolf4784d ago (Edited 4784d ago )

you are missing out on one of, if not THE best, driving/racing game ever produced.

Lygre4784d ago

I've been driving around in Forza 2 for over a week now, and the game just gets better and better. It had a prett slow start in the career mode, but when you level up and get the hang of the game, it's pure class.

Forza 2 is so much more than "just a racer". The Auction House where you can buy and sell cars online is genious. I'm also liking the online tournaments...let's hope I can qualify for one soon.

I gave this game a 9,5/10