Tenchu Z Demo Impressions (Xbox 360)

Sony's Playstation was the sole home of the Tenchu series for quite some time; another one of those "exclusives" that the big black box would never see.

The gaming landscape is a bit different now. It appears that the latest trend is uni-platform releases, sometimes even when an exclusive was a part of the original plan (cough, GTA, cough, cough Assassin's Creed).

The acquiring of the Tenchu license from Sony immediately meant that the stealth/action series was open to all consoles, including the Xbox. With Tenchu: Return from Darkness doing just so-so on the Xbox, and with a general lack of interest from gamers in the franchise, Activision bailed and left the ball in FROM's court. It's taken a bit of time, but yes, we actually have a Tenchu game coming to the Xbox 360 in June.

Tenchu Z is the next-gen version of this long-running series, but a quick glance at the demo will make it abundantly clear that most of the dev team's energy has gone into the gameplay programming. There's the typical Tenchu clip, the blurry background textures, and even some animations that look ported straight from earlier iterations of the series. Yes, Tenchu Z is a bit visually disappointing in this demo, but hopefully things will somehow be a bit different in the final version.

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Darkaber4783d ago

Dont bother downloading this its total pap!!!

ThaGeNeCySt4783d ago

i downloaded it yesterday, i can't believe the gameplay mechanics are EXACTLY like the original Tenchu for PSx... don't even get me started on the graphics... during the in-game cutscenes, their mouths don't even move!


FadeToBlack4783d ago

Don't bother to download this game is garbage.

closedxxx4783d ago

I could tell the series was dying when I played "RETURN TO DARKNESS" on the Xbox. The game played well, but it was too long, there wasn't much difference between missions, and the graphics were sub-par.
Tenchu may have been a pioneer in the stealth/action genre, but they've failed to keep up with current gaming standards, and are now obsolete.

bootsielon4783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )

Too bad most of them are crap :(


Bladestar, that's not worse, that's irrelevant. Seriously, multiplatform games hardly matter for a purchasing decision; I rather have a console with ports that look OK, than a console that breaks. (I have both anyway, but that is if I had to make a choice). Those that just buy Madden will go to PS3 since it doesn't break and since PlayStation has a strong brand name, but anyway, those are still happy with their PS2.

By the way, virtua tennis, fight night and oblivion are better on PS3. Dipshiit.

BIadestarX4783d ago

What's worst is that some of those games end up being ported to the PS3 which tend to be even worst.

sak5004781d ago (Edited 4781d ago )

So they'll buy a graphically challenged, rumble less, achievements less, online less version than an xbox360 one. Man u guys r so game hungry. I bet you'd gobbled up this tenchu z as 3rd best game after RFOM and moto.

BTW, my 360 broke and got a free replacement. Cudnt' get a free replacement for my ps2 though.

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The story is too old to be commented.