Rare: Stop Moaning About Perfect Dark XBLA, Here's A New Screenshot

Today Rare confirmed Monday's report that Perfect Dark's Xbox Live Arcade port will be released in early 2010. They've also released another screenshot to ease the pain of the long wait.

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Alcon Caper5333d ago

Will I like this, even though I never played it on N64?

EvilCackle5333d ago

My understanding is that if you liked GoldenEye 007, you'll love this. I was a PSOne owner so I never tried Perfect Dark, either.

creatchee5333d ago

It depends. If you play a lot of current first person shooters on consoles or PC, then maybe not. Perfect Dark (and GoldenEye) were fantastic at the time particularly because they played well for the controller (N64) that they were made for. I don't know if it's going to translate to success on the XBOX controller, especially with all of the newer features that we've become accustomed to with dual analog sticks and more buttons etc. What once were awesome maps may be a lot different simply because of a controller layout (I know that that sounds weird, but if you really think about it, it makes sense).

However, if you don't play FPSs a lot, you may like it. I think that this game is targeting a very specific group of people rather than looking for mass appeal. It's almost like a fan-service game remake...

multipayer5333d ago (Edited 5333d ago )

The single player in perfect dark for n64 is better than 98.9% of the FPS today, and the gameplay is actually much better than your typical military training simulator. Game is fun.

The BS Police5333d ago

Perfect Dark > Halo > every other FPS game since then.

Perfect Dark was the last great hurrah for Cartridge based console games, infact all the features that are in the game were so well ahead of their time that even todays modern FPS games still can't top it.

Laptop Gun and Peace Sims FTW!

Myst5333d ago

Don't forget Punching sims! They will disarm you and punch you down into the ground!

The BS Police5333d ago (Edited 5333d ago )

Or the Vengesims, they would make your life hell if you killed them.

Myst5333d ago

Lol! yeah, that and the remote explosives were fun...I should play that game again tonight.

Saaking5333d ago

Hopefully they don't ruing this remake. I want them to actually try this time.

NewZealander5333d ago

perfect dark is looking horrible, i will admit rare used to be one of my favorite devs, but they just cant compete anymore, they really are stuck in the past.

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Mista T5333d ago


It's not coming out before the end of the year!!!

EvilCackle5333d ago

Part of me is glad when a game ends up being released later than expected. I got enough stuff to play at the moment.

RockmanII75333d ago

Because their is not enough great games coming out Q1 2010

EvilCackle5333d ago

Meh, some of those Q1 2010 games will end up getting pushed to Summer or Fall.

kwicksandz5333d ago

this cuts me real deep. Was a GOTY contendor for sure. oh well 2010....

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Lord_Ranos5333d ago

The only good game they made was Conker: Bad Fur Day on N64.

Mista T5333d ago

and Goldeneye, and Perfect Dark

wwm0nkey5333d ago

and Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie....and BATTLE TOADS!!!!!!!!!!

Saaking5333d ago

Rare used to be one of the greatest developers around and certainly high up on my list of favorites but then, guess what happened?

MS purchased them and like everything else MS touches, Rare turning into a sh!tty dev. Sad, really, but they will be remembered not for the crap they do now, but for the masterpieces they made so many years ago.

kingdavid5332d ago

In essence, its a bit like square enix.

Shepherd 2145332d ago (Edited 5332d ago )

Rare is suffering from what so many other formerly amazing developers suffer from in the current gen of 360 and PS3, which is the inability to adapt to the longer development cycles, increased budgets, and more advanced technology.

I, along with millions of others, have enjoyed dozens and dozens of amazing Original Xbox and Xbox 360 exclusive titles over the years. Its Rare's own fault, not MS, despite what your imagination tells you.

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Socomer 19795333d ago

nobody is missing perfect dark. please stop trying to create buzz for a game that should be a handheld experience.

Elven65333d ago

There is plenty of hype around this game, you might not care for Perfect Dark but there are plenty of people who do.

Do you even own an Xbox 360? Given your post history, I doubt you do.

bigrudowsky5333d ago

it was a great game and with added multiplayer for what im hoping will be no more than 10 bucks it will be a nice treat

TheDeadMetalhead5332d ago

Considering Banjo-Kazooie is $15, and it's just a port of the 64 game, I HIGHLY doubt Perfect Dark will be $10.