Nintendo and Sony: what could have been

Remember when Nintendo and Sony were holding hands, and doing even more behind the scenes concerning a joint console that never saw the light of day? Well if you somehow forgot, allow me to refresh your memory a bit. The year was 1989, and it was the day that Hiroshi Yamauchi was to announce to the world that Sony and Nintendo would be working together on a project to bring a CD-ROM add-on to the Super NES.

Unfortunately for Sony, Yamauchi had just read over the previous legal agreement and was stunned to see that it basically called for Nintendo to relinquish all control over any titles written on the SNESCD-ROM format. It wasn't long after this that the contract with Sony was canceled, and it was the surprise of the century -- even to Sony -- when it was announced at CES that it was now Phillips Electronics that would be working with Nintendo.

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btkadams4744d ago

ya know whats funny? people compare the ps3 to the ps2 and the 360 to the dreamcast. but wouldnt it make sense to compare the ps3 to the genesis and the wii to the snes? i mean the genesis was more powerful right? but people bought the snes more. lol i dunno. just a rant.

anthonsh4744d ago

I dont know, console comparisons arent very good this time around.

no_more_heroes4744d ago

They're probably still mad at them for doing that and is takin' it out on everyone else. So the next time you see Sony do something weird, remember this piece of history.

Maddens Raiders4744d ago

I mean this is old, old news. The Superdisc I think that since the betrayal, it's all been about the art of war for SNE against Ninty. Nintendo played dirty and SNE simply whupped their arses in the middle of the street for two console generations. Yeah? Nintendo has thrown keen uppercuts as of late. Wonder what's really in store?

Lacarious4744d ago

as of now the PS3 is selling like 40+ thousand systems a month while the Wii is selling 200+ thousand and not losing money on the console. So yeah...... only sony is wondering what the future will hold while Nintendo has a solid footprint on the present and will have an even bigger footprint in the future.

Maddens Raiders4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

true, but SNE's been in the same position before and was adept at parlaying their burgeoning system into a whale. Let's not all jump lut of our shorts at once. We're talking about a company with a net worth well in excess of $40 billion dollars [USD]. Even Bill G. knows about that wealth. Nintendo is worth less than 11 million even with the Wii sales so the competition will be there with SNE for sure. But it all evens out. Really think about it ~ the PS3 has only been out for roughly 7.23 months and people are claiming it's over. Relax people these are the best of times. The games are only going to get vastly better, bigger and scarier. Just watch, it'll be beautiful and in three years we'll be here talking about how bad a$$ Killzone was and how GT5 just Pwns the Earth and Afrika changed gaming..Mass Effect...MGS...FF....HS....Lai r.....Folklore...Eight Days...Home(Game or no game ~ it'll be a great waste of time and hopefully I'll meet the faces of the fine voices I hear online..wish me luck!).....LBP.....Transformer s( I don't care if it's MP I'm buying that goes for Madden and all the sports games......7.23 days. Look at the sales rate of the PS2 at this period and you will see real parity. There will be a pricecut at the right time which will boost sales in time for the holiday season including Warhawk, GTA IV, and UT 2007. I can't wait to get my hands on those. You Warhawk testers are real lucky man, that game looks awesome.

All in all Lacarious you're statement that "death" is in store is wildly improbable. Nintendo is touting selling 35 - 40 million wii's by 2012. SNE has sold nearly 240 million consoles including the PlayStation 3 since '94 man. I think death is a little high strung. Don't you? Ninty is like the rider in the Shadow of the Colossus right now. Hacking and slashing away at the shins. But sometimes the behometh was able to shake the adept rider and deal major damage to him. This battle has barely got off the ground for SNE and it's going to be exciting to watch. Things in gaming seem to actually be speeding before my eyes as everything keeps evolving at the speed of the matrix. Believe me, people like the PS3 in general. Everyone says that when they come over. It's just too expensive right now for most to commit, but once the prices recede we should se a marked change in numbers.

I don't believe that things are as bad as some try to make it. Sure the games aren't there now (7.23 months!?), but exclusives or not they're GONNA come. It's still feels relatively new and does everything it said it would for me so far. Can't wait to see what the surprise is coming up. =]

Lacarious4744d ago

Sony was just about to go forward with the news when nintendo called in the 11th hour and cancelled. Sony then called a exec meeting and the previous prez said "i want to bring Nintendo down"

What really brought Nintendo down was their stupid plan to keep using cartridge's when everyone was moving towards CD's.

the_bebop4744d ago

Exactly Nintendo tends not to think a head at time. Also I think nintendo had an invested intrest in making sure that companies still use cartrages because they were forcing people to use there prioritory cartrages for the consloe.

Although I wonder if companies had stared to produce cartrages them self and not have to pay nintendo so much money then the use of cartrages in consoles might have lasted longer.

bootsielon4744d ago

Nintendo was a bully, Sony is/was a bully, imagine both of them combined? They would be either unstopable (not in a good sense of the word), or they would bring down the industry for being a monopoly. It would be Atari all over again. Either Microsoft would have never ended up entering the industry and PC gaming would be bigger than it has always been, or Microsoft would have picked up the ashes of whatever was left of Sony and Nintendo. Either that or Sega would have been successful and competing today with Microsoft. Whatever.

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