Girl Gamer: We Are Not All Sluts Or Attention-Whores

SpawnPoint has published an interesting rant by a girl who defends recent criticisms of the PMS clan and girls in general who play video games.

"The point of having a group of girls form a clan is and was never to bring attention to themselves, but rather to show girls not to be scared to be part of the gaming community as themselves.

What attracted me to joining them in the first place, was nothing to do with attention; it was the fact that there are no prejudices, and it's all about making friends and playing games together. A place where girls can be themselves, and play in a respectful atmosphere."

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wolfgang4737d ago

Why did you approve this story ? You reported the picture as innapropriate and you still want it to be posted like this ?

Lord Anubis4737d ago

the girls in resistance do a good job defending in games like Capture the Flag.

wolfgang4737d ago

I think you forgot to click "fixed the problem" as I can see you changed the picture (nudity) but the reports still appear like they weren't fixed.

ninamyers4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Image is fixed guys. Thx.

marionz4737d ago

seriously you post some real [email protected] ninamyres
im surprised this got approved

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The story is too old to be commented.