Top 10 Reasons To Keep the PS3 Dream Alive

Here is an article listing the reasons to keep hope on the PS3.

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Lord Anubis5129d ago

Sadly the article doesn't mention Gran Turismo :(


GT5 is going to be sweet.

ironwolf5129d ago

seeing as how thats all you've got.

FadedDRFT5129d ago

We have sh!t loads of good games coming this year and in 2008, That includes MGS4 which is not going to be on 180, GT5 will kick the ass off forza 2. Drakes fortune looks amazing and hopefully it will get out for this year. The ps3 also has 2 days to vegas, And i dont think that game can be done on 180 with dvd9. MAYBE WITH 10 DISKS. We also have 8 days, Killzone 2, Heavenly Sword, Lair, Motorstorm 2(2008), And once this year ends, More games will be headed are way, You really think developers will stay with the xbox 180 for another 5 years lol

DrunKao5129d ago (Edited 5129d ago )

Most critics seem to agree that Forza is better than GT. I don't think you can even be a true racing fan and think otherwise. Quality over quantity. Plus, have you seen those steaming hot liveries?!?!?! See images.

I don't really think anyone should be citing Killzone as a good exclusive or a reason to own a PS3 since the only thing we've seen so far is a CG trailer from 2 years ago.

Why shouldn't developers stay with the 180 for 5 more years if 180 owners are still buying their games? Hmmm....

Developer: It doesn't matter how well our games sell on the 360 and Wii if we can't make our games look as well as they do on the PS3. What's the point? Surely we're not in this for the money, but only for the satisfaction of making the best looking and biggest games that can only be achieved with the power of Cell and Blu-Ray. I mean, sure, they cost much more to develop and they might not exactly sell well enough to make a profit, but we're artist.

Just out of curiosity, why can't 2 Days To Vegas fit on a DVD9? And why are multiple disc suddenly such a big deal even though it has only happened with one game (Blue Dragon) and some of the best games last generation were on multiple disc (Final Fantasy)?

Creepa at GameManx5129d ago

havent given out on the Ps3 is just a hard time in american right now

-Focked up economy
-Focked up Gas Prices

should I continue...

DrunKao5129d ago (Edited 5129d ago )

So you're saying it's America's fault the PS3 is failing right now? They must be too poor and stupid to realize the greatness that is the PS3.

So what excuse do you have for the Japan? I'd love to hear it. Maybe you can make some gross generalization that will offend people.

You can't blame people for not wanting/being able to purchase a PS3. That's ALL Sony's fault right there. Sony made bad decisions and now all they can do is try to overcome them. No one forced them to make a Mercedes when all the market could bear was a Honda.

dantesparda5129d ago

LOL! that was funny. But dude, you are missing his point, he is not blaming the country, but rather the situation in the country and simply saying that alot of people who want it, simply cant afford it, especially because of the situation in the States. And why are you so defensive about it anyways? you Republican or something?

Kaneda5129d ago

stop playing after GT3...

toughNAME5129d ago

well it mentions "wait" and "eventually" and "soon" a lot

so i think its just a joke

InMyOpinion5129d ago

06. Can anyone say “Gran Turismo 5’?

01. Can anyone say “Gran Turismo 5’?


10. You simply have to give it some more time.

09. You cannot deny the power of the cell processor. I predict we will start seeing a great difference between PS3 performance and Xbox 360 performance as the next generation gets into full swing.

How much time are we talking? Why sit around and wait when there are better options? That's just stupid.

I'm denying the power of the cell completely because I have'nt seen it produce any games on the Ps3 that are better than 360 games, only worse. At the moment it has nothing on the 360's gpu.

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