Japan: Xbox 360 Revisited

Last week's Japan column suggested a few games that could help boost the Xbox 360 in the region. Here, Tim Rogers delves deeper into the Xbox 360 situation after Microsoft Japan's head was vocal about his own uncertainties.

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mikeeno76162d ago

Look, i'm f*cking had enough of hearing about Japan. If they are not buying it, they're not buying it! No one, not even Microsoft can do anything. Who cares about Japan? There's booming videogame economies in South Korea and India, and a growing one in China, so just expand there. Honestly, i feel like going to Microsoft Japan, and kicking their @sses to Korea!

ACE6162d ago

If the 360 was made by a japanees firm and had 360 on it,, it would have sold like hot cakes but the japs only buy jap goods this is fact people...

so are the japs racist? towards western goods?

wierd fukers if you ask me

specialguest6162d ago

because Japs are racist towards American goods?

that's the lamest excuse ive heard many Xbox fans throw out when they can't find a good reason why it's failing over there.

Japanese have been buying American products for decades. the Ipod is the most popular Mp3 player there, beating out some of their own products. when it comes to electronics, they're proud of what they've achieved.

so if they were truely racist, why would they prefer the American made Ipod over what they have? also, Levis jeans, American beef, Disney, etc. just to name a few.

this "Japs are racist" excuse has been brought up many times. instead, just say the Xbox360 doesn't have the games they prefer, that's all.

gdblose6162d ago

I Agree with you #1. Evryone shut the F*CK with all that Japan Bullsh*t.

PS360PCROCKS6162d ago

I agree to, to be honest. But we'll see if they can get those games out and their good they will sell a reasonable # of consoles and that's all they need

Shadowstorm6162d ago

I disagree with you both, and find your statements very arrogant.

Japan has the potental to be a huge market for Microsoft. If you dig deeper into the Nextgen report from around 2 and a half days ago, you can see why Microsoft is trying to win the interest of Japanese consumers.

Kekkei genkai Kid6162d ago

xbox needs japan they need capcom,square and other developer giants making games because
japan contributes to all markets

omansteveo6162d ago (Edited 6162d ago )

True but with higher developement cost thise companies cant ignore the fact that they are going to have to make games that appealt to other markets besides japan, capcom knows this and that is why games like dead rising and lost planet have western appeal
ex if 360 isnt doin great in japan and great every where else they are gonna want a hand in those pots its just good business and the smart thing to do

BIadestarX6162d ago

You must be Japanese. The world is the most important market not Japan. Lets pretend that PS3 fails in USA, Europe, and everywhere else, but does well in Japan; do you think Japan will matter? I'm not saying that Japan it is not important but this does not mean that XBox will die without Japan. Also microsoft have the support of capcom; there are some developers that reflect how some Japanese developers prefer a Japanese console to be #1 i.e. square. Please don’t mention square's shooter coming for the XBOX 360; this is just square trying to maintain presence in all consoles as a backup plan in case the PS3 burns.

NitrogenB6161d ago

Japan is aroun 25% of the gaming market....I'd say that's prety significant..

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